A walk on the wild side

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Hoof, tooth and claw[edit]


  • The character is a member of a stone age hunter gathering tribe. In the prime of his life. Unlike the other dog using tribes of the area, the Long tooth clan are an ancient Hsunchen people, who came from the far away, who have lost their link to their ancestor spirit... Long toothed cat. Sakkar in ancient peloria?
  • Myths say that during the darkness a daughter of Fralar, king of the carnivores,was seduced by Foundchild, their child was Long tooth cat. Later Hearth mother welcomed her as a daughter and was she was much loved by her Father.

Brother Dog became jealous and with tricksters aid, they turned Votank against his half sister. Long tooth cat was killed and her children scattered. Since that time the Long tooth cat people have lost both their cat companions and their associated cat powers. A Tribe of wandering people, that has dwindled to one small clan....

You could believe you are a cat who has been trapped in human form or a human who has lost their cat powers. All members of the clan have vague catlike attributes, cat like eyes, or elongated ears, hairier than normal perhaps, some are lazy or others sexual predators. But they look 99% human.

Hunting grounds[edit]

  • Far to the North, way away from other human Votanki clans.They are nomadic, but during the winter seasons they shelter in their holy site amongst the bones of a long dead dinosaur, centered around the mystical Longtooth cat stone. Myths and cave paintings tell that it once carried a village on its back, filled with dragon creatures. But out of the South came a man of the sun, on the back of hawks, who killed them all, freeing the stone and the people from their slavery.
  • The land: Tall grasses, clumps of trees, river, hills and mountains to the East, full of Trolls. A lone mountain to the south with gryphons. Bison, deer, dinosaurs that local myths tie in with the giant skeleton that the clan lives under, aldyami (elves) in the big forests, Pentan horse nomads to the North. Dog Votanki to the South , where there are rumours of three giant built citadels.
  • The clan follows the way of Found child the hunting god, and pray to their ancestors. Long tooth cat sometimes answers, but is unable to bestow any powers until the cats are brought back.....
  • Griffin mountain is a holy place, site of the Long tooth ancestor's death.
    • New blood is always welcome to the tribe. Their are several members of the tribe, who as children were snatched from elsewhere, or prisoners offered their freedom if they joined and made a family.


Weapon Choices[edit]

  • Main Weapon, choose one to specialize basic 50% before bonus
    • IH spear, short or long
    • 2H spear, short or long
    • Stone Axe
    • Stone/Wooden club
  • Missile, choose one to specialize basic 50% before bonus
    • Javelin
    • Dart
    • Atlatl +10m +1d6 dam AP 6 enc .5 base skill 10%
    • Thrown Axe/club/Stick
    • Bow
    • Sling Basic 30%
  • Everyone has
    • Flint Dagger Basic 25%
    • Thrown Rock 40%

  • Small Shield if desired. Basic 10%


  • Place 30% in one skill of choice and then an extra 50% amongst which ever skills you want.



7 days = 1 Week 56 days = 8 weeks = 1 Season 294 days = 42 weeks = 5 seasons + Sacred Time = 1 Year

  • Days of the Week

1. Freezeday 2. Waterday 3. Clayday 4. Windsday 5. Fireday 6. Wildday 7. Godsday 8. Truth

  • Weeks of the Season

1. Disorder 2. Harmony 3. Death 4. Fertility 5. Stasis 6. Movement 7. Illusion

  • Seasons

1. Sea Season 2. Fire Season 3. Earth Season 4. Dark Season 5. Storm Season (Sacred Time)


  • Skills are all 1d100, rolling under the pc's skill eg climbing 50%, then roll below 50% to succeed.
  • Critical Hits
    • 5% or less of your weapons attack skill. Rolling 1% is always a critical
    • THe hit ignores all armour
    • Parrying a critical hit results in the weapon or shield taking twice the damage.
  • Impale
    • Thrusting and missile weapons
    • 20% or less of the weapons attack skill.
    • Roll normal dam and bonus, then add the maximum possible dam of the weapon.
    • If the blow penetrates armour , then the weapon is stuck in its target. A roll of twice the impale % is needed to remove, otherwise it stays embedded.
  • Slash Attack
    • Slashing weapons, 20% or less on your weapon's attack skill.
    • roll damage twice, bonus once.
    • To remove roll half the attack skill.
  • Crush attack
    • Bludgeon weapons, 20% or less on your weapon's attack skill.
    • Damage rolled normally and then max bonus added.
  • Critical Parry
    • No damage taken
  • Aimed blow
    • Each SR adds +1 to hit location
    • Or wait until SR12 nd then roll half attack skill to hit location of choice
  • Knockback