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Draconic history blends with draconic religion and draconic myth, and is interpreted through the distorting lenses of contemporary politics and academic revisionism. It is widely accepted that the Mother Goddess created the world some sixty thousand years or more ago, but even to dragons this is a long time, and it is only in the last twelve thousand years that Dragons invented writing and considered it worthwhile to properly document what had previously been an oral tradition of history-keeping, and it is only 2384 years ago that the White Archives were created, and the "official calendar" of the Alliance started.

The histories described below are those which are widely accepted by Dragonkind, but it is possible (or even likely) that the earlier histories are as much fiction as fact, and that previous generations of dragons may have viewed their past differently. The last twelve thousand years are recorded with more accuracy, but even then politics and religion have played their part, with different observers seeing things differently, and blatant censorship and revisionism obscuring truth...

Creation Myths: The Mother Goddess[edit]

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Dragonwar, and the Future[edit]

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