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Ya, its a place. Heck, its an amusement park.

King Oberon of Amber


The Squiggle of Alamond was created several hundred years before Patternfall by Oberon. While its unclear what the exact mandate of the realm was it was clear that it was meant to gather shadows of places of entertainment. It may have been a precursor to Adrian's Dramaturge. This place is largely an amusement park. Six Flags, Disneyland, Santa Monica pier, Coney Island, Epicot, Westworld, Europa-Park, Lake Compounce, The Triga Riesa, Silver Dollar City, Fremont Street, The Rue Estra, Taxaras Brothels. County fair carnivals and boardwalks. Traveling Carnivals. Spontaneous parades. Circuses. Inter spaced are croplands, farms and ranches, hotels, and other elements of a functioning realm. There are also wide swaths of disconcertingly open flat plains called Notreballat or The Unworked.


  • The realm is approximated 10,000 miles in diameter. It is generally flat except where attractions feature mountainous areas, such as ski resorts and winter sports venues. It has a calm general weather system that is generally good weather with a tendency toward blue skies and puffy clouds. Day time Temperatures between 45 to 90 degrees. Night temperatures 25 to 75. The day/nights are 12 hours each.
  • There is a sun and two moons but they tend to circle around the edges of the flat land.
  • The Squiggle of Alamond is in the center of the Grand Concourse, in the Arrival Slide. It is protected by a elaborate railroad town inhabited by tiny people.
  • The Jeweled Road enters the grand entrance to the realm. The nub is a parking lot big enough to land star ships.
  • Notreballat or The Unworked are vast regions of disturbingly flat dry stone land. Weather systems generate in these regions and flow over the other populated lands.


The Encampments are individual parks, each with their own theme, staff, workmen, camping and living facilities. The very according to tech levels.

For an example of one Encampment:

  • The Triga Riesa is a theme park, with an animal theme, from Antherica, New Velri City. It has 40 large ride attractions, 55 small to medium ride attractions, 2 large concert halls, 8 medium theaters, 12 small theaters. There are 7 transportation systems specific to the park including trams, people movers, short course rail lines and an elevated monorail. There are 12 large restaurants including a massive cafeteria restaurant. It has 35 small walk-up restaurants, and 50 food carts. There are 100 merchandise stores selling a wide range of items from souvenirs, memorabilia, food stuffs, porting equipment and health aides. There are 15 hotels for visitors and long-term residents. Lastly there are 5 businesses involved in the pet industry that the Triga Riesa is famous for including animal trainers and accessories.
  • Each of these is considered a Venue. This is a total of 341 separate venues. Each has between 2 and 50 staff members with an over all total of 8,250 staff members. There is a general group of 4000 park staff involved with security and janitorial activities. 1200 Park guides. 400 management. This is a total of 14,150 employees within the park itself.
  • There are 40 employee residential communities each with at least 10 community employees for a total of 400 people. Residential amenities vary from community to community.
  • There is a 3000 person gardening and landscape union.
  • There is a 1200 person fire department that serves the park and residential areas together.
  • There is a 2000 person construction and repair crew.
  • There is a 2000 person police and security force beside park personnel.
  • This is a total of 22, 750 people involved in the day to day of the park.
  • Each employee has 2.5 Dependants for a total of 55,875 people in the Triga Riesa Encampment. The TR i an animal oriented encampment so it has an unusually high pet ownership level with 11,00 pets, not including viewing pets such as fish, insects, or terrarium based reptiles.
  • This is a total of 56,875 park employees and Dependants.
  • There is an Encampment board with 25 members all that are employed in other aspects of the park.
  • TR has a large residential visitor total in the range of 2000 people.
  • The park expects between 70k to 130k visitors each day.


A Venue is an individual exhibit from rides to theaters, restaurants and carts.

The term venue is used for any particular attraction in an Encampment.


Each Encampment provides a Gaffer to the Union. The Union has a Council, members of the Union who have assayed the Sigil.

There are a variety of Councils. Union Council, Encampment Councils. Guild-masters Council. Council of Wizards

There are numerous Guilds. Guilds for almost every profession in the land.

There are numerous clubs, Lodges, and secret Societies.

Sporting Groups are common, as well as fan groups for sports teams. Archery Clubs, shooting Clubs, Karate and boxing clubs. There is a gigantic Croquet Club that sponsors an event called Joey Bowl, where participants attempt too put croquet balls through the legs of Clowns.

Sorcery and Powers of the Squiggle[edit]

  • 10 pip Basic Imprint. Frame can hold 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell
  • 20 pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 12 Minor Spells and 6 Major Spell
  • 40 pip Lord's Imprint. Frame can hold 16 Minor Spells and 9 Major Spell
  • An adapt of the Squiggle of Alamond can operate high Order Sorcery. The Frame of Alamond is different then other initiation frames in that it has 4 tiers. The Top Tier can hold 1 spell of significant power. The Second tier can hold 3 strong spells. The third tier can hold 8 mild spells. The fourth tier can hold at least 20 minor spells of non-offensive nature. The powers available to an Alamond Sorcerer are potent, but also swing toward minor magics. It is perhaps the nature of the place and the people in it that most people who acquire the Alamond Imprint are practicer of mysticism and prestidigitation and a wide variety of stage magics.
  • Most magic forms operate here. Listry, Magery, & Wizardry being most common. Nearly every aspirant to the Sigil of Alamond has skills along other magical systems first. The Alamond Council of Wizards sees to it.
  • It is believed by those that hold the Alamond sigil that the purpose of the creation of Alamond may have been to test the function of mental collection in the establishment of a Primal Realm. That Oberon attempted to create a limited system with a highly developed set of mental clues to be enlarged and enacted by the act of Creation.

Commentary on Alamond[edit]

  • Its a rare group that can critique the reasons for the creation of a primal construct. The creation of Alamond is controversial in many quarters but few know the reasons for Oberon's effort.
  • Alamond was created by Oberon while establishing a strict set of emotional and actual images of real places in shadow. As such specific theme parks were duplicated in their entirety as the Squiggle was inscribed, with the forces of shadow filling in the missing details of the realms as firmly implanted in the guiding memory of the squiggles creator. In this case, the Creative Imagery used was places of entertainment.
  • Alamond was created with a large stock of non-borns able to serve the functions of the growing realm. Since then its Attractive Force has caused many people from similar venues in shadow to arrive with little planning. Such a processes is similar to the function in the Dramaturge. As such people who lived long lives in theaters, stages, carnivals, fairs, amusement parks, vacation resorts, brothels, prestidigitators, circuses, minstrel shows and other activities across shadow have found there way to Alamond and into a state of perpetual lives.
  • The Creative Force was framed with a specific set of images, the Creative Imagery, designed to interact with similar places in shadow, as does the Nature oriented aspect of Mandalay.
  • Alamond seems to have a similar effect as Aging in Amber where a life lasts as long as it is enthusiastic embraced. As does the Dramaturge and other places in Mandalay.
  • For these reasons many believe that the creation of the Primal Realm of Alamond was a very exotic test of principles later used to create the Mark of Mandalay