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Welcome to the world of the Breach. April 12, 2010 the world awoke to a sound that wasn't a sound. Part thrum, part god whispering, the noise would herald the startling new addition to the sky above, The Breach. Little is know about the disruption save that it seems locked in position roughly halfway between the Earth and the Moon. It's visable from the Northern hemisphere and is vibrant and colorful like a cut in the sky bleeding rainbow colors out past he visable spectrum. If filled Earth's Magnetosphere with unknown particles and caused days worth of headaches for many people on the planet. It's far more visable at night and any attept to study is has met in disaster. While still a curiosity it is slowly becoming just something accepted by the public at large. Theories abound just what it is, caught superstring, extra spacial rift, divine powers. But the Breach was just the begining...

3 months following the Breach event the first known metahuman presented himself to the public at large. Promethus aka. Promey (as he was know in the online community) He was a pyrokinetic and a media darling. What wasn't know is that Promey was a member of a small tightly knit community calling itself alt.metahuman, old comicbook fans who maintained a newsgroup then a forum site predating the Breach event. And Promey was not alone in his gaining of powers as other members more quietly came into their own abilities.

As the metahuman events grew US Congress passed a registration act mandating that all people showing powers were monitored by the FBI and military for any danger to the public at large. Around the first use of the derogatory term "Breach Baby" came into use for the metahumans. Though many call themselves Breachers. It is also noted that there seems to be an uptick in meta powers manifesting with people attached to online communites and some fandom circles.

2 years following the Breach event Promey was gunned down in a firefight with Florida police when he attacked a local Scientologist enclave claiming that they were infested with "Breachoids". He was irrational and very dangerous and a Police sniper took him out before he could firebomb the local city block. Congress began debating testing for a newly dubbed Promethus Syndrome, a type of psychological break that seems to happen among powerful metahumans.

1 year after the death of Promey his old friends from the alt.metahuman community are contacted by a mysterious being calling itself Virgo asking for their help to deal with the legacy of Promey's death...and a new danger that threatens the world at large.

Current Date: 2013, July 8th.

M&M2e, PL 8

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  • Virgo: She(?) is a mysterious conspiracy theorist who seems to know all about the PCs.

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