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Tolknor's Ambercon[edit]

Ambercon 2021[edit]

Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil-Slot 4 & 5[edit]

Slot 1 Ill Gotten Gains[edit]

Dorian Hennadiy

Slot 2 &3-Snakes and Ladders[edit]

Guillermo Fitz Caine

Slot 6-No nuts in the Nut House[edit]

Slot 7[edit]

Ambercon 2020[edit]

Glory and gore[edit]

Thursday Nov 5, 11 am.
Adin Yoder[edit]

Initial email sent: Gunner it is.

Brand's Children[edit]

Friday 6, 2pm
Asher Redhanded[edit]

This game is a classic Amber game using the Amber Diceless System as laid out in the Amber rulebook. If you do not have a copy of the rulebook, please contact me in a timely fashion and I will help you.

1. Send me a complete character with the points fully explained and a short background for your character describing: your relationship to your father Brand or why your elder parent has chosen to harbor Brand's children against the might of the Elders, what the shadow you were born in was like, and your basic personality. I will be weaving your histories together so be prepared to be flexible.

2. 125 pt characters

3. You can only sell down to Chaosian level on stats.

4. All of the rulebook powers are available but no advanced versions of the powers.

5. You can only put up to 5 points in Good stuff or Bad Stuff. (EX: 5pts Good stuff and 3 pts Bad stuff)

6. You are all children of the Elders. At minimum, there must be three players in this game and two of them must be children of Brand. So the more players who play children of Brand, the better.

7. I will monitor the characters you send me closely to avoid having a problematic party (EX: every player is a conjuration master). If you have a preference (EX: I want to be the strongest warfare character), let me know when you send in your character. Preference will be given to the first players to send in their characters; However I will try to be fair given our busy schedules.

Moonlight and Roses[edit]

Saturday, Nov 7, 9am
Sir Samlet Bryn[edit]
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An Arthurian-flavour game set in Corwin's Avalon (yes, the Shadow that was destroyed...) after Corwin leaves it.

Character & Player Instructions 75 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs. The Characters have no knowledge of the universe outside Avalon, have never heard of Amber, and to them the term Shadow would probably mean an evil ghost. Stuff is limited to + or - 10, and doomed Arthurian attitudes strongly encouraged.

An extra 5 points for getting me an acceptable character at or before Wednesday the 4th of November 8.00 AM UTC.

I'm setting up a website with background info at (no player login is needed).

This is a cooperative game, characters will know one another and can at least work together.

I've run (a version of) this game before at AmberCon UK 1999 when it was titled 'Moonshine and Roses,' as 'Moonlight and Roses' in the Netherlands in 2001, and have run a prequel of sorts ('Shade and Cool Waters') at AmberCon UK 2003. Emma Sansone has run a game inspired by this (and we shared some notes) at GiocaModena and at ACNW 2000 and ACNW 2001. More recently, I've run this game at the online Tir-na nog'th convention in July 2020.

This is a re-run, not a continuation.

Lost in shadows[edit]

Saturday, nov 7, 2 pm
André Brun[edit]

Setting The Kingdom of Amber. First-series purist.100 years after the Courts of Chaos.

Character & Player Instructions Characters will be built using ADRPG with 100 points. PCs will be children of Elders born sometime after the events in Courts of Chaos. Knowledge of the books are not necessary to play in and enjoy this game. Besides character creation there will be some prep by email before the game so players will need to communicate by e-mail.

Mercenary Maladies[edit]

Sunday Nov 8, 9 am
Vassili Vilatte[edit]

Description "He was a mercenary, a Robin Hood figure out of Eregnor, and a sworn enemy of Amber." -- Merlin about Dalt in Prince of Chaos.

As a member of Dalt's elite mercenary unit (the most successful mercenaries in living memory) life can be pretty good. Then again it can also be pretty dangerous especially when Dalt assigns you one of his "special" projects.

I've run games with this title before, but this is a new scenario and not a continuation or repeat - all players welcome.

Setting Likely set in the Golden circle around Amber rather than Amber itself (though that is up to the players).

Post Patternfall, Random is King, pre the second series.

Character & Player Instructions Characters are all Shadowfolk who are highly trained mercenaries. That doesn't just mean "muscle", you might be an engineer or a scout or a "security" mage, but ultimately you are all loyal and trusted members of an elite military unit.

However characters are definitely not of royal blood, Pattern and Logrus will not be available.

Character creation details will be provide after game assignments are completed.

Moonroses of Avalon[edit]

Sunday, Nov 8, 2 pm
Ewan Scott[edit]

Avalon - possibly the Avalon Corwin claims he destroyed. Arthurian, Celtic, Norse, chivalric.

Character & Player Instructions 100 points, no Pattern, no Logrus available. Some kind of card divination system is possible. Magic is available, indeed this is a highly magical land, and you may Avalon-tint it from the system in the ADRP rules, or contact me and we’ll come up with something freer. I am looking for flavour and atmosphere rather than point by point precision. Magical items are appropriate. Limited shapeshifting is a form of transformation magic. Contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Tiny Amber[edit]