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Neutral Good Female Werewolf [True] Artificer 5

Amethyst is the identical twin sister of Kiri and was taken way at birth by agents operating at the behest of the Order of the Silver Claw. She proceeded to be educated in a steady diet of hatred and blood lust while they used her to infect others with Lycanthropy so that they could be skinned and provide them with the power to make new members of their bloodthirsty Skinwalker Order.

Eventually, Amethyst was taken to Blitzschlag as part of their previous leader's attempt to gain the power of the Animal Lord Fenric. Amethyst was defeated by Kiri in a Werewolf Duel of Claws and had her life surprisingly spared by the figure. Captured, she was promptly stripped of most of her memories and abuses at the hands of Pyriel. As part of the sick Radiant Idol's preferences, she was also mentally and magically reduced to the age of sixteen so that she could be much more cute.

Despite several confrontations with the embodiment of her lost memories, Amethyst remains amnesiac about most of her horrid past and has instead started studying the secret of Artifice under Patch and her sister. She is a natural prodigy and one of the gentlest, kindest, and sweetest souls one will meet. This is a marked contrast to the murderous monster she once was.

Unknown to her sister, Amethyst is actually still a believer in Pyriel and thanks him nightly for what he's done to her. In addition to her reference for the Radiant Idol, Amethyst also worships the Traveller and Onatar. Amethyst, despite her youth, is sexually active and been involved with Ben and Trent amongst several others.

She has recently manifested the Least Mark of Making.

Shadows over Cyre