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Here we will place all the loose ends and unfinished thingies that relate to each character and/or (if any) what they want/plan to achieve.

Brian, Dominus of Numbers, played by lazarus[edit]


Chytosideron, Dominus of Assembly, played by Verithe[edit]

Personal Goals:

  • Hire an Aide (Desired attributes: shiny (with a corollary that he/she doesn't mind excessive handling), relatively Ftisk-proof, able to handle situations dealing with Dementia Animus)
  • Explore/Visit other Chancels
  • Explore/Visit Dionyl (and other worlds, if possible)
  • Get Anchors (At the moment, this is an OOC goal. There are no specific characters in mind.)
  • Acquire an "away-base" in Amyra (basically a room to put all the shiny things he collects)
  • Assemble a personal information nest (A.K.A. a library) and chronicle his adventures
  • Go fishing (this goal will never go away and need not be "on screen")
  • Resolve the mystery of his origin (Another OOC goal, may or may not become an IC goal, depending on how things work out.)

Dante, Dominus of Courage and Blades, played by Knockwood[edit]


Ftisk, Dominus of Machinery, played by Angelo[edit]

These are my notes on things to do or the like


  • Anchor level:
    • Anchor Dollphaniel
    • Then send her outside with Shadows or Brian help
    • Test if anchor-Noble's link work outside
  • Personal:
    • Steal a ow estate or Exchange (Data) with an ow estate
    • (Backup plan) Raise HW to 5 and when someone kill Ftisk he'll merge with his fetch
  • Make AW experiment between inside and outside
  • Contact chancell Jaris (Excrus hunters) and maybe connect with the one that is preparing the un-excrucian rite (?Eclipse?)


  • Found infos about Attaris, about the Outside, and how it works
  • About what happened at the end of the Second Age


  • Make some vehicles/body enhancements to Lesson and the BoM
  • Add cards "Gnomely", "Active writing", "Dollphaniel"
  • Make Summoning for Dummy for Brian
  • Make a redux between Will's Nobilis phonebook and the new ediction
  • lDiv a possible match (female) for Shadows
  • Found the places with the better breezes for Sam
  • Know all on pre noble Dante's life
  • Help Shadow with Summoning 2
  • Help in Gnomely's TV Show
  • Ask Shadows to repair Dollphaniel

Theresa, Domina of Plants, played by Beth[edit]