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Machinery and Data (3rd Edition)

PC Sheet of Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok (Used: 25CP+16CP; Free: 2CP, 6DP)[edit]

Mechanical Data[edit]

Code: Personal (Heaven affiliation)

Code of the Snail

1. From the old comes the new.

2. Never abandon your comrades or arms.

3. Never let anything stop you from your cause.


Attribute Value MPs
Aspect 2 - Legendary 5
Domain Machinery: 4 - Duke
Data 2 - Viscount
Realm 0 - Citizen 5
Spirit 4 – Conflagration 5

(Attribute pt 26)

Wound levels:

Deadly Serious Surface



"Skin of the machine": Ftiskaaaahk can create a new body with the limitations that the new body must be done of some matter type and can't be more that an Asian elephant big.

Lesser Change of Bodies, 6 points. Simple Miracle, -1. Local Things Only, -1. A wide variety of situations/Comprehensive, -1. Uncommon, +1.

Four points.

"AG-Field ON!": Ftiskaaaahk use this gift to (mainly) hover in snail form and to fly when he acquire a body.

Lesser creation of [antigravity device/wing/stratoreactor/something suitable to fly with the current body] used to fly.

Miracle level 5 (Aspect). Automatic miracle +1 (Instead of simple, so one doesn’t have to dedicate an action to activate the gift). Self only -3. One single trick -3. Uncommon +1 (I think that this version is rare enough to need the uncommon modifier)

One point.


Restriction: Visible

Restriction: Respectful - Warmains: Cannot lie to them


Bonds (20)

5 My Domain (Machinery, Data)

4 Gnomely

3 My Warmains brothers: Elias and Rochefort and ??? [ /Big Sign: "Nettle this!" :-P ]

3 My Amyrian Nobles friends

2 New experiences/Knowledge

2 Vulcan’s Articats

1 Ftiskaaaahk Sn; Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok’s previous version that wasn’t enNobled. Now used in Vulcan’s chancel as knowledge data base



1) Ftiskaaaahk Sn

2) Gnomely

3) -Free-

4) -Free-

5) -Free-


Roleplaying notes[edit]


- Develop a relation with Gnomely.

- Acquire a Outer Wall domain at 0+ value.

- Better understand the turning of Age, the Wall working and if there can be a truce with excrus.

- To date Ftiskaaaahk have know the fame of the Amyrian Familia Celestis and was deeply amused from the recounts. So he set its business and want to know these Nobles



Ftiskaaaahk Sn was created by Vulcan for data acquisition and storage tasks. Big like an elephant and build like a snail. Then the imperator devised an upgraded version, Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok, geared toward machine maintenance tasks that data storage to take care of the vast array of devices Vulcan created in the eons and then abandoned in unruly stacks cluttering Vulcan’s chancel. Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok was big like a real snail and much more complex. So complex that Vulcan deems it worth of enNoblement. Now as a Noble it continue to take care of machines, but the enNoblement cursed (or blessed?), it with a brand new, curious, personality!



Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok is a gastropod-like machine created by Vulcan that exhibits similarities to snails. It has a durable metallic shell, with a short tail and torso that protrudes under that. These are made of a viscid material that resembles quicksilver. The head that rest on torso’s top, exhibits four vestigial horns and two eyestalks. The torso is ringed with six extensible manipulator appendices that allow him interaction with objects. Ftiskaaaahk have the capability to hover and move. Also it can assemble a body by any bunch of machinery. The created body has wing/truster that grants flight capabilities to Ftiskaaaahk.



Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok was made as a machine and then Vulcan deems it worthy of enNoblement.

One curious side effect of this new condition was a personality’s development that grants Ftiskaaaahk the possibilities to savor new and interesting of existence. With personality came a new desire to explore other chancel and meet other nobles they never touched the cold machine’s processes before...

It shows an excitable and direct demeanor, some time blunt even. It’s more prone to take action that to ponder on any situation.



[Missing one for Curiosity I settle on Larch] Larch that mean Audacity on a falling stars field.



Machinery covers any and each thing that is not sentient is made by 2 or more connected parts and can do a task. Be it a car, a gun, a wooden abacus or a plow these are all under Machinery.

  • A machine must be done by 2 or more pieces working together. [2]
    • 2 gears with connected cogs are a machine.
    • A gear with a rope and a bucket at the rope end is a machine.
  • A machine is an object [1]. [1]
  • Machinery can't be sentient. [3]
    • A person, an AI, a wasp, a flower are not machines. The first 2 are sentient being, the flower is not sentient but is a single piece being.
  • Machinery tends to execute the action they are designed for. [1]
    • A blender blend, a driller drill a light give light a oven warm pizzas and so on.



Data are stored information. Any type of information from a memory inside a mind to the code inside a microchip fall under this domain.

  • Data must be some kind of stored information. [3]
    • Info stored into a book, on an hard disk, on memories are all under Data.
    • A lost notebook, forgot by anyone with some informations in it fall into data.
  • Data can't be live. [3]
    • What someone is seeing, a video stream are not Data.
    • A plant is not a data
    • A file being written on an hard disk fall not under Data. A story being written on a book too doesn't fall under data.
  • Data tends to persist. [1]
    • A tale wrote in a book is the same while years pass.
    • If the book is caught in fire and then rescued from is burning end. The scorched pages can contain pieces of the tale in the not-fire touched pieces..


Change Log[edit]

Session 14 : 2CP x2= 4CP; Domain Machinery from 3 to 4= 3CP; Gift "Skin of the machine" from "Limited Selection of Applications" to "A wide variety of situations"= 1CP. +2DP

Session 15 : 1CP x2= 2CP; Not used yet. +1DP

Session 16: 2CP X 2= 4CP; Used with previous 2 to add 2 Spirit Attribute Points.

Session 17: 1CP X2= 2CP; Used 2 CP to make Skin of the machine gift from lCr to lCh

Session 18: 1CP X2= 2CP; Free

Session 19: 1CP X2= 2CP; Free