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The Wilderlands of Absalom


  • Human Mage 5
  • XP: 27,965/40,000
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Henchman of Ishka, who is a henchman of Karag Two-Blades
  • Age: 28

Anvan was recruited in Rhea's Ford by P'zev the Hairless to be in the employ of Ishka Bronze-skin.

  • Anvan resents the stranglehold that the Wizard's Colleges have on knowledge, and seeks to amass her own libraries on the edge of the wilderness, outside their grasp. (rob | academia)
  • Anvan seeks to be watchful for the needs of spirits within the mortal realm. (administer | spirits)
  • She seeks to not only record the exploits of greatness, but to spread word of it within her own lifetime. (publicize | legends)


  • STR 09
  • INT 12
  • WIS 15 (+1)
  • DEX 16 (+2)
  • CON 14 (+1)
  • CHA 11 (originally 8, before the pool)


  • Languages
    • Common
  • General Proficiencies
    • Mimicry II Anvan can imitate animal calls and foreign language accents. With a proficiency throw of 7+, her mimicry (e.g. imitating the screech of a hoot owl or a noise from some other animal) is so authentic as to fool listeners into believing they have heard the actual animal. This proficiency can be selected multiple times.
    • Collegiate Wizardry The character has received formal magical education from a wizard’s guild. She can automatically identify arcane symbols, spell signatures, trappings, and grimoires of her own order, and can recognize those of other orders or traditions with a proficiency throw of 11+. Rare or esoteric traditions may be harder to recognize (Judge’s discretion). [learned during downtime]
  • Class Proficiencies
    • Elementalism Fire spells do +1 damage per die and impose a -2 saving throw penalty on the target. Elementals summoned from fire gain +1 hp per Hit Die. Anvan's’s magic missiles can be considered to be of this element, if she desires.


  • AC 2
  • HP 22
  • Movement Rate 120/40/120
  • Initiative Modifier +2
  • Attacks
    • Primary Melee Attack: Dagger 9+, 1d4
    • Primary Ranged Attack: Darts 7+, 1d4
  • Saves (+1 WIS bonus vs spells and magic items):
    • Petrification & Paralysis 12+
    • Poison & Death 12+
    • Blast & Breath 14+
    • Staves & Wands 10+
    • Spells 10+ (includes WIS bonus)


  • First Level: 2/2
    • Burning Hands (cone of searing flame 40' long and 20' wide, 5d4+5 damage, save vs Blast -2 for half damage)
    • Shield (self, 3 turns, negates magic missile attacks and grants AC 7 vs missile attacks and AC 5 vs melee attacks. Magic missile attacks are disrupted from all directions.)
  • Second Level: 2/2
    • Mirror Image (self, 6 turns, 1d4 images)
    • Uncanny Gyration (60' range, concentration for up to 6 rounds, save vs Spells to avoid, may fling target up to 20'/round, with 2d6 impact if flung against a hard surface, penalties to attack if under the effect)
  • Third Level: 1/1
    • Fireball (240' range, 5d6+5 damage within 20' diameter, save vs Blast -2 for half damage)


  • Gear, Armor, Weapons: Total Encumbrance. Don't list party treasure here. That's what the ape is for on the front page. This is to keep track of those things that are relatively permanently staying with your character.
    • Then list
    • Those things
    • 5788.45 gp kept with Mr. Hand, 78.79 gp on person