The Wilderlands of Absalom

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Player Characters and Henchmen[edit]

  • Karag Two-Blades (Mapper, Sea Captain), L8 Assassin, HP 25/25, AC 7 (magical chainmail), Init +1, up to 8 cleave attacks, riposte on AC 6
    • Hira of the Seven (Healer), L6 Antiquarian Witch, HP 23/23, AC 0, Init +0
      • (Finore the Crow), familiar, HP 11/11, AC 1, grants Hira +1 to saves when within 30' of her
    • P'zev the Hairless (Geographer, Geologist, Historian, Magical Engineer), L6 Mage, HP 25/25, AC 1, Init +1
    • Hosfai (Navigator, Forager/Hunter), L6 Cerves Brave, HP 26/26, AC 9 (+1 leather +2 shield +2 dex +1 swashbuckling)
    • Ishka Bronze-skin (Caver, Lockpicker, Trapfinder), L7 Kobold Sneak, HP 31/31, AC 4 (+1 leather + 1 dex), Init +1 (+1 bonus to surprise underground) (+1 bonus to avoid surprise - Alertness), notice secret doors casually 18+
      • Tlilith Bronze-skin, (Engineer, Architect), L4 Kobold Warrenguard, HP 17/17, AC 4 (+1 leather + shield), Init +0
      • Yszal Bronze-skin, L4 Kobold Warrenguard, HP 17/17, AC 4 (+1 leather + shield -1 dex +1 style), Init -1
      • Anvan, L5 Mage, HP 22/22, AC 2, Init +2
  • Xallijk, L7 Nobiran Wonderworker, HP 25/25, AC 0
    • Nathet, L5 Nobiran Wonderworker, HP 6/13, AC 0
    • Mayaz, L6 Cerves, HP 10/15, AC 4
      • Elbek, L3 Fighter, HP 11/11, AC 9
  • Sir Harn, the Red Knight of Tisbury, L8 Fighter, HP 51/51, AC 13 | Sword 0+, 1d6+9 dmg
    • Brother Hanston, L6 Cleric, HP 22/22, AC 8 | Mace 6+, 1d6+2 dmg
    • Jeffed Ka, L6 Fighter, HP 30/30, AC 12 | Init +1 | Sword 4+, 1d6+5 dmg
      • Gur, L5 Fighter, HP 20/20, AC 4 | Init +1 | Crossbow 4+, 1d6+3 dmg
        • Crowza Crow-friend, L3 Paladin, HP 20/20, AC 8 | Init +1 | Battle Axe 8+, 1d6+2 dmg
        • Masere Din, L2 Bladedancer, HP 11/11, AC 5 | Init +2 | Polearm 10+, 1d10 dmg
      • Jeder, L5 Fighter, HP 29/29, AC 5 | Init +2 | Crossbow 2+, 1d6+4 dmg

Sample Character

Blank Character Sheet

Lost in the Dark

Marches, Watches, Proficiencies, and Encumbrance Ape[edit]

Marching Order:

  • Sir Harn / Qutai / Anbet
  • Jochi / P'zev / Pantera
  • Karag / Rabanus / Hanston
  • Xallijk / Nathet / Hira / Mayaz
  • Ishka / Jeffed / Shibu / Hosfai
  • (Horse Archers ) / (Pack Train and Wranglers) / (Horse Archers)
  • - / (Horse Archers) / -

Watch Order

  • 1st watch: Rabanus, Hanston, Hira, Jeffed, 1 wrangler, 5 horse archers
  • 2nd watch: Sir Harn, Qutai, Anbet, 2 wranglers, 5 horse archers
  • 3rd watch: Karag, Jochi, Pantera, 1 wrangler, 5 horse archers
  • 4th watch: Xallijk, Nathet, Shibu, P'zev, 2 wranglers, 5 horse archers

Party Proficiencies

Encumbrance Ape

Domains @ War statistics[edit]

Company D@W stats


Identification Queue[edit]

To Be Sold[edit]

To Be Destroyed[edit]

In Transit[edit]

Treasure in Transit

Freshly Acquired[edit]

Freshly Acquired Treasure

Wolf Keep[edit]

Magic Items[edit]

  • A gem, known among magicians as yedrium. It can be used to hold a charge of magical energy for an extended period of time before discharging it in a controlled manner; the gem glows slightly when containing the energy, dimming and crumbling to dust when discharged
  • Battleaxe +1, forged from curious metal
  • Pole arm +1
  • A +1 knife, razor sharp and with a handle wrapped in rough leather. It bears a vague resemblance to the knives that fisherfolk use to clean and gut their catch. Wielder can water breath as per the spell once per day.
  • Three ounces of Crocodile Tears
  • Potions
    • Animal Control
    • Diminution x2
    • Dragon Control
    • Fire Resistance
    • Gaseous Form x2
    • Invulnerability
    • Levitation
    • Oil of Slipperiness
    • Philter of Love x2
    • Polymorph
    • Sweetwater

Non-magic items[edit]

  • Four doses of Firesand (a handful of fine black powder, possessing a pungent odor)
  • Masterwork sword
  • Masterwork shield
  • The non-magical weapons are all ancient, and of unusual stylings that suggest they were fashioned in a different land. All appear to be of extremely high quality, and would likely sell for 500 gold apiece. There are three swords, five spears, a battle axe, three warhammers, and a mace.
  • A pair of wicked looking handaxes with hafts of polished ebony and steel heads that shine dully in the sunlight. The handaxes are masterwork and balanced for throwing, with a +1 bonus to hit and an increased range of 10' (base). At a guess the twinned hand axes would be worth in the neighborhood of 600 gold if sold as a set.
  • Five ounces of Crocodile Tears
  • Three war-horns: a battered old war-horn, fashioned of bronze, an ogre's battle horn -- this one made from a yellowed and cracked tusk of some huge beast, bound in copper bands, and a third horn, taken from the third ogre band
  • Five jars of a rich purple dye
  • A score of abalone shells, perfect in shape, size and color, rippling with incandescence. Nathet believes that these would be ideal ingredients for the production of potions of water breathing, most likely enough to make at least one, maybe two.
  • 12 statues of creatures turned to stone by a gorgon.
  • 19 stone of red ichor from a salamander, worth 1100 gp

The Candle[edit]

  • A ring of metal that looks like the key Karag saw the shaman use on the entrance to the mummies tomb.
  • A second large circular key, resembling the one that opened the mummies' tomb
  • A large brass key from the painting-and-pit-trap room on sublevel 10 of the Candle
  • 3x Carreg Duw stones
  • A farseer similar to the one Rabanus possess, but made from the giant fang of some terrible monster, and chased in gold and silver (Eyes of the Eagle)

Magical Library[edit]

Magical Library

Junction Warehouse[edit]

  • Storage Capacity: 10,000/10,000

Rhea's Ford[edit]

XP Awards[edit]

Coffers: Group Finances and Resources[edit]

Monthly Bookkeeping Template[edit]

  • Starting Balance X
    • +adventuring revenue A
    • +adventuring revenue B
    • +sales of mundane goods
    • +sales of magical goods
    • +Deepwater settler revenue
    • +Shadow Wolves revenue
    • +other revenue
    • -Junction worker expenses
    • -Merchant Fleet expenses
    • -The Candle worker expenses
    • -The Candle mercenary labor
    • -Deepwater worker expenses
    • -Deepwater mercenary labor
    • -Deepwater settler expenses
    • -Church of Avince maintenance
    • -Shadow Wolves expenses
    • -other expense
  • Ending Balance Y

Sully's spreadsheet[edit]

  • Google Sheets doc can be found here.

Party Funds and Expenses[edit]

Monthly Expenses[edit]


  • 63,491.74 gp Starting Balance
    • +adventuring revenue A
    • +adventuring revenue B
    • +sales of mundane goods
    • +25,000 sales of magical goods (scepter and figurine)
    • +12,750.12 sale of hippogriff chicks
    • +12,000.44 Shadow Wolves treasure map
    • +12,500.66 salamander lair
    • +1000 Karag payment to loan balance
    • +1820 Deepwater settler revenue
    • +Shadow Wolves revenue
    • +other revenue
    • -Junction worker expenses
    • -Merchant Fleet expenses
    • -The Candle worker expenses
    • -The Candle mercenary labor
    • -4000 Candle construction supplies
    • -Deepwater worker expenses
    • -Deepwater mercenary labor
    • -Deepwater settler expenses
    • -Church of Avince maintenance
    • -Shadow Wolves expenses
    • -100 Identification for +1 sword with locate objects
    • -1000 for identification of the three Five Falcons magical objects
    • -308 payout to departing sailors
    • -other expense
  • Ending Balance Y

Outstanding Loans[edit]

  • Company to Shadow Wolves: 8900 gp
  • Company to Karag Two-Blades: 5200 gp

NPCs and Animals[edit]

Absalom Hirelings[edit]

includes Junction, Wolf Keep, the Candle, and Merchant Fleet hirelings

Animals and Beasts of Burden[edit]


Includes standing forces for Wolf Keep and the Candle, as well as the personal forces of the PCs.



Treasure Maps[edit]

Central Map[edit]

West Map[edit]

Mapper's Journal[edit]

Unexplored Areas of Note[edit]


After a century the forces of Chaos have begun to subside and weaken and the Realm of Man has begun to expand again, to retake territory lost in the past hundred years and even expand past its original borders. The Five Princes of the Inner Kingdoms have called for all able-bodied adventurers to venture into the outlands, to drive the barbarians and humanoids and abominations out and establish new domains for Law and Order. The adventurers have a charter from the Scarlet Prince, granting them ten year monopolies on any trade routes opened with friendly territories and the ability to draw upon the population of the Inner Principalities for labor, for skilled craftfolk, for soldiers and for settlers. Of course, the adventurers could also do it on their own and attempt to establish their own domains without owing fealty to anyone. They also have a map, a century out of date and likely inaccurate; the incursion of Chaos has warped the landscape in strange ways in addition to the more mundane monsters wreaking havoc on the towns and villages beyond the River Sarn.

The seasons are like Philly, approximately three months long each, but the winters are much colder. There may very well be a supernatural reason for this -- perhaps even connected with the presence of Chaos.

Lore and History[edit]

General Setting Information[edit]

  • Hob - Urban population of 240, Class VI market

Infodumps from IC posts[edit]

Tribes of Absalom and Other Domains[edit]


  • The Risen Moon - tribe of roughly 40 cerves that travels mainly east to west and back. Their leader is Hafafah. Hosfai and Mayaz are from this tribe.
  • Soaring Eagles - tribe of approximately 32 cerves, traveling east to west, but in the plains, not the hills. They are a tribe known for soothsaying and spirit gazing. Encountered here.
  • Dancing Eagles - mentioned briefly in IC II, post 1213. Not much contact with the other tribes, ranging even further north than the Soaring Eagles.


Morza Naus[edit]

Morza Fanhuskel Naus, Lord of the Conjoined Serpent and Magician extraordinaire is an ogre mage with a palace in Hex 41.23.

The Tripartite Demense is a kingdom of Faery located in the general area. It is inaccessible to those who do not know the way. The Lady Magrit of the House of the Tripartite Demense and daughter of the Gloaming was a guest of Morza Naus.

Hive of Cxa-tru[edit]


Located in 12.40. The hex's land value is 9. In subhex 306: an organic structure, resembling a termite mound, but much, much larger. It towers perhaps two hundred feet above the ground and, from where they stand on the hillside above the valley in which it stands, looks to be maybe 75 feet in diameter. Mel'ar'Quinthai is their Queen M'ellgotharx'o, fifth Furusiyya of the Serriterae is their ambassador to Wolf Keep.

They call themselves serriterms, and Harn gets the impression that their Hive has been in existence for centuries, at least. "We learned to write in the Common tongue from the human traders that used to ply these routes," she -- for Harn discovers that M'ell is female, at least as far as human genders are concerned -- writes, "and the memories of my people run deep. We have not forgotten, though it has been many broods since we last saw Man in our valley. Every once in a while the folk you call 'beastmen' would stray into our Hive, either to trade or raid." They seem to know little of the outside world, and Harn gets the impression that most of their civilization is underground. He cannot get an accurate picture of their numbers -- M'ell is constantly referring to both herself and her kin in the second person. The adventurers would guess they are cultivating some 600 or so acres of vegetables -- of what variety he is not sure -- but again, many of her references seem to imply an underground source of food, as well.

The serriterms, as Harn learns, are divided into several rigid castes. M'ell belongs to the warrior caste, while the three smaller termite-men accompanying her are what she refers to "drones". There are others she refers to as "alchemist", but Harn gets the impression that they may be closer to shamans than the chemists he is familiar with. There is also, of course, the Queen, of whom M'ell refers to often but doesn't actually describe that much.

Jacaar and Jadlierbron the All-Seeing[edit]

Located in 18.42.

First encounter between the Company and Jadlierbron here.

Jadlierbron is a massive beast, some fifty feet from snout to tail, with scales the color of dull flames. She is terrifying to behold.

The following details learned here: The great wyrm lairs in an ancient temple, half collapsed with age and destruction. Her hoard is vast; Isenda guesses it is worth no less than fifty thousand gold, many times than if you consider the value of the many magical items she no doubt possesses. Isenda believes that Jadlierbron has within her hoard the key she seeks that will allow entry into the starship, and safe passage through its wards, but none of us could see it. Of course, it is likely we only saw a small portion of her treasure.

Jhadlierbron is served by a score or more skeletal constructs, for she is old and has grown fat and lazy and rarely ventures forth from her lair. I suspect her to be at least six hundred years old, for she mentioned speaking to Ser Furecus in passing, and he ruled the Free Folk two Cycles ago. Zamed claims the skeletons are animated through divine magic, although there is no evidence that Jacaar is inhabited by any other than herself and her silent skeletal servitors. I do know she has some means of divining what is happening within the boundaries of the city, because she knew we had been digging through the rubble of on the outskirts in search of our quarry.

The dragon can use magic, of that we are now certain, for she read our thoughts and intentions as if they were scribed on our foreheads. Our lives were only spared by our immediate supplication and the gift of Isenda's staff of power, a sacrifice she was loathe to make. Our first thought, upon our escape, is to find or craft devices that will prevent the readings of our thoughts.

She may be more active than we have been led to believe. The spies we stationed to the east have seen her fly thrice in the past week, once to rain fire and destruction down upon the gnolls to the east for some inscrutable reason, the other times to sail upon the thermals.

There are rather detailed, but theoretical, notes about the dragon's strengths, weaknesses and habits, as well as speculation as to the contents of her lair and her motivations.


  • Faery (elves, pixies, dryads, etc.) Rabanus (+2 CHA), Hira
  • Undertongue (dwarves, gnomes, kobolds) Xallijk, Ishka, Tlilith, Ysval
  • Bestial (ogre, orc, gnoll) Harn, Masere
  • Goblin (goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear) Harn, Pantera (+1 Cha), Tlilith
  • Grog (common language of most primitive races) Hanston
  • Swampspeak (frogling, lizardman, troglodyte, etc.) Karag
  • Giant Masere
  • Draconic Xallijk, P'zev, Jabri (+2 Cha)
  • Spider-Tongue Jabri (+2 Cha)
  • Law (must be selected through Proficiency) Jabri (+2 Cha)
  • Chaos (must be selected through Proficiency)

The Domains[edit]


Deepwater is a domain with four hexes: Wolf Keep (13.39), Modnar's Folly (12.39), xxx, and xxx. The stronghold value is 99,600 gp. Due to the Mirror of Scrying, the domain is effectively four hexes in size. The Sarn river runs through it, with the Amanzici river merging into the Sarn just below Wolf Keep.

Wolf Keep[edit]

The land revenue for this hex is 7.5. The land is probably not that great for farming, at least not much past a narrow band on either side of the river. It is, however, ideal land to raise goats, sheep or even cows (again, think west Texas terrain). Fish and fowl are plentiful in the river -- or will be again, now that the trolls are gone. There are copper, silver, and agate mines -- and the possibility of quarrying sandstone. What makes it really valuable, however, is the location of the Keep for controlling (and taxing, potentially) river traffic.

Wolfhall village[edit]

Wolfhall is an urban settlement within Wolf Keep hex. Wolfhall is valued at 15,000 gp. This includes a wooden palisade worth 5,000 gp.

Modnar's Folly[edit]

The land revenue for this hex is 7.


rules for shipyards

Avince Worship[edit]

Deepwater congregation tracker

The Candle[edit]

The Candle is a pillar of stone rising some two hundred feet above the grasslands. It apparently dates back Cycles, to the reign of the Crocodile Kings, but has been used by a variety of races and cultures over the years.

The relevant posts detailing its layout are here, with the lower levels and here for the upper levels. As per the second link it will cost 20,000 gp (half in labor, half in materials) to totally repair it, after which point it will have a base cost of 120,000 gp. As of now it has a value of 60,000 gp.

Shadow Wolves[edit]

The Shadow Wolves are a criminal Syndicate run out of the Class IV town of Junction under the direction of Karag Two-Blades. They are composed primarily of 4th-level Thieves, with a few 1st-level Assassins. Their hideout is composed of river boats.

Property in Hob[edit]

The Company owns three buildings in Hob. The whole of the waterfront of Hob is approximately a half-mile long. The two waterfront buildings stand about a quarter-mile apart. There is a tannery at the southern edge of the village, with a blacksmith's forge located nearby. The building with the empty lot is in the center of the waterfront; the brick building on the northern edge. The third building is slightly to the north of the center of the waterfront, set back two blocks. Of the three buildings it is in the most "residential" part of town.

  • A two story adobe building, set back from the waterfront by several blocks. Like many of the buildings in Hob it is showing signs of neglect and age. It is about one thousand square feet in total, with a small cellar of about three hundred square feet. Purchased for 500 gp, and repaired for another 500 gp.
  • A wooden single story structure of about six hundred square feet. Acquired for 200 gold and repaired for another 50 gp. Also acquired a side-lot that hasn't been built on yet for 75 gp. The lot is currently filled with nets, scraps of wood, floats and other riverine detritus. It measures roughly forty feet square.
  • An adobe brick building of about eight hundred square feet. Acquired for 250 gp, repaired for 100 gp.


Important NPCs[edit]

Notable Events and Meetings

Mr. Hand, our Factor[edit]

Mr. Hand will be able to do the following for you:

  • Recruit basic mercenary troops.
  • Sell magic items, provided he has them in, ahem, hand.
  • Find buyers and sellers for trade goods.
  • Retain specialists.
  • Arrange for supply trains to venture out, *assuming the infrastructure is set up*. If there's not a PC or henchmen with the train, they won't want to travel through uncleared hexes.

He comes with an office and warehouse with a capacity of 10,000 stones worth of goods/treasure. Assume that 1,000 stones worth can be stored in a vault-like space and the rest of the storage is simply locked. The warehouse/office will also be guarded by two veteran crossbowmen 24 hours a day. I need y'all to tell me if you want him based in Junction or Rhea's Ford. If he is based in Junction the above will cost you 500 gp a month (assume the 1st month is already paid); he will be closer to the frontier but in a smaller market. If based in Rhea's Ford the above will cost you 750 a month (again, assuming the 1st month is already paid); he will be farther from the frontier but in a larger market town.

Note that the above cost includes payments on the warehouse and the salaries of Mr. Hand and the guards, but does not include the cost of recruiting troops, IDing magic items and so forth. There will be the ability to ID magic items in Junction, but the sale of them will be limited to Rhea's Ford.

Other Adventuring Parties[edit]

Arwyn's Band

  • They are led by Arwyn the Acrimonious, a she-warrior of some renown. The party counts amongst its members a mage, a cleric of a deity I have never heard of and cannot pronounce the name of, two rangers, a bard for singing Awyn's praises and a cloaked, silent man who's duties and abilities I have been unable to determine, and a score of so mercenaries, cooks and so forth. I do not know there goal, only that I observed them purchasing furs and blankets and other cold-weather gear. Therefore, I can only conclude they are either heading north, to where winter still holds the world in an icy embrace, or west, towards and perhaps beyond Rocky Peak.
  • Secondmonth, Sixthyear: Arwyn the Acrimonious and her band of adventurers stumbled into Junction just as winter was setting in, laden down with treasures and artifacts gleaned from what many have claimed is a city perpetually frozen in ice, far to the north. The notoriously reticent warrioress has refused to answer any and all questions, but she and her comrades have been preparing for what looks to be another cold weather voyage.

Sanke One-Eyed

  • Her brother is stricken by a mysterious curse that prevents him from speaking the truth. They had heard tales of a spring somewhere to the southeast, that has the power to cleanse one who drinks of it of all such afflictions. They were unable to find it, however. They stopped in Pevin, of all places, for a week of R&R but no idea where they went afterward.
  • Secondmonth, Sixthyear: A band of bandits to the south, led by a one-eyed bandit queen, has become emboldened over the last few months of fall, striking the occasional caravan or exploration party venturing south of the Scarlet Principality, and even venturing within its borders to raid outlying villages. The road connecting the Principality to the bladedancer monastery at Eros has become even more dangerous than usual thanks to the depredations of the one they call 'Sanke One-eyed'!

Bribras the Bold

  • The trio claim no injuries, and have none visible, apart from the scratches and welts one might accumulate from running recklessly through the undergrowth, fleeing for one's life. Two of the three, Tika and and Isum, are both clad in chain mail; Tika wears a sword in a scabbard and has a short bow slung over her shoulder, while Isum has a one-handed axe and shield. The third member, Bribras the Bold, wears banded plate under a crimson surcoat and carries a war hammer and shield. Prominently displayed on a chain around his neck is stylized horses's head in profile with a twinkly ruby for an eye. To Hira's eye the three appear to be relatively inexperienced, at least less so than her employer. They may or may not be as seasoned as she is.
  • "Look," says Bribras, "we're new in town, drawn like half the people here by the promise of the wealth to be found out here on the frontier. I am, if I may modestly say, a rather important person back east, and my comrades are as dear to me as my own brothers and sisters. I will be willing to pay five hundred gold alcedes to whomever is able to recover the petrified remains of my three companions, so that we may restore them to life."

Bandits of the Plains

  • Aside from Sanke One-eye's crew, there are another two bands: the Free Folk, who hang out mostly to the southeast, and the Redfoot Gang, who mostly work the other side of the Sarn (from the Candle). As far as can be told, the bandits mostly survive by robbing isolated communities, merchant caravans and scavenging amongst the ruins of the ancient ones. There are also a few beastman tribes roaming the llano, as the ogres call it. Some gnolls, a group of sun-hardened orcs that call themselves the Rock Spiders, and some of the other species such as cerves.

Jade Eagles

  • The adventurers [Dawulf] has with him are a company that call themselves the Jade Eagles. Harn's heard some about them; they mostly stay up north, in the forestlands, and range as far as the steppes north and east of Rhea's Ford, where Qutai's folks come from. They've made a name for themselves as pathfinders and caravan guards and, from his brief interaction with them, they seem to be a serious group of men and women, intent on doing their job and preparing for the trip.

The Five Falcons[edit]

The Five Falcons are a low-level adventuring group, to whom Rabanus acts as a quest-giving wizard.

  • Meriberi, Bladedancer 3 (F)
  • Kimra Fled, Magic-user 2 (F)
  • Holca, Explorer 3 (M)
  • Sylvid Das, Thief 3 (M)
  • Sigdad Das, Fighter 3 (M)

Rumor Mill[edit]

  • Original rumors from Absalom game
  • Rumors from the end of 3rdmonth
  • Ishka's kobolds.
  • There's a bunch of burial mounds in the hexes surrounding the Candle.
  • There's a mysterious well in hex 12.39 that was never explored.
  • There's a manticore lair somewhere to the east of Wolf Keep (in the same direction you guys need to go to get the kobolds).
  • that plug in the side of a wall that we found on the way to our last adventure (West Hex 47.28)
  • That one set of giant doors in the side of a cliff (Central Hex 14.39). I think we sent some heroes in and they got incinerated by a trap.
  • The crashed spaceship. Sanke reported the valley of the Free Folk is now re-inhabited by some sort of strange monsters and their ogre servants.
  • The temple of the wolf goddess in the hex south of WK. You guys made it to the top of the plateau before turning around.
  • The giant hawks to the east of Wolf Keep.
  • Rumors from the end of first winter
  • There are rumors, however, of an obscure branch of magical study known as vivimancy. Practioners of such a devotion are rumored to have access to magics that could age the hippogriffs while providing a similar increase in maturity and mental capacity.
  • A day's walk (for a cerves) to the east of Modnar's Folly (hex 19.38) is a cave with a pair of cyclops.

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