Anwar of the Seven Shallow Rivers

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A little known hero of the Great War of a Balance*, Anwar of the Seven Shallow Rivers was a great man before the Gods had realized men had the potential. While great beasts and monsters still roamed Creation's face freely, Anwar was a man of epic proportions. His hair was said to be redder then the Unconquered Sun’s face when he set over the Western waters, and his eyes were said to be greener then the tallest trees of the Far East. If legends are to be believed, Anwar killed his first elk on the day of his birth, picking up the blade his midwife had used to cut his umbilical cord and throwing it through his window. Before anyone could react to the baby suddenly picking things up and throwing them before the mother had even gotten to hold it, the death-knell of the beast was audible to all within, and his family ate well for the first time since his father had died months before his birth.

When he was fifteen summers old, the Foulings*, dark spirits that still haunt our racial memories to this day, were loosed on his village. The Dragon Kings, who cared little for the tiny village of Seven Shallow Rivers, refused to help against them, and the task was left for the strongest warrior. The battle between Anwar and the Foulings was fantastic, but little hard fact can be ascertained. Suffice to say it was his actions that day that lead to his recruitment into the Great War of Balance, of which he served faithfully until the day he died in battle. In a time when mortals were often considered little better then laborers to greater beings, he was a greater being himself, a hero, and remains one for mortals everywhere.

~Emiritus Dail, Chief Chronicler of the Daylit Temple Acadamy

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