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Arco Boys of Fort Garland.


Originally a Caravan of gas Tanker drivers working for Arco, a division of British Petroleum. Based in Texas, they ran a circle of trucks throughout the midwest of the United States. They had a convoy of 10 tankers refilling Fort Garland, on the way up into Montana, when the Change occurred.

Roy Daker aka Rodak, ran a trucking company that specialized in large group deliveries. With 10 to 16 drivers he would arrange delivery, pickups, and routes in a circular fashion around the country.

Fort Garland[edit]

Arco Racers[edit]


  • Rodak. Dwarf, Male. Fighter/Dwarven Mechanics
    • Leader of the FG Arco Boys
    • Pre-Change Military
  • Fitz William[[1]]. Dwarf, Male. Sage/Cleric/Dwarven Mechanics
    • Road Boss for the FG Arco Boys
    • Former Roman Catholic Bishop
    • "Deadman Walking" One of the 100 superfans who traveled for a year with Black Sabbath.
  • Wrecker. Dwarf, Male. Fighter.
    • Wrecker/Tow Truck Driver, Demolition (non-explosive)
    • Pre-Change Military
  • Candy. Dwarf, Female. Fighter.
    • Biker, Scout
  • Runner. Elf, Male. Mountain Guide.
    • Only non-Dwarf of the Original FG Arco Boys
  • Gunner. Dwarf, Male. Weapon Smith.
  • Pipil. Dwarf. Fighter.
  • Argile. Dwarf, Male.
  • Kip. Dwarf, Male.
  • (insert name here)

Fort Garland Adventurers' Society[edit]

  • Rafe [[2]]
    • Poodle Boys [[3]]
    • Gadget [[4]]
  • Wrecker, [[5]]
  • Reggy [[6]]
  • Fitz [[7]]
  • Collette [[8]]
  • Slugger and Curious [[9]]
  • Candy [[10]]
  • Len-Dorcotr
  • Runner
  • Gunner
  • Kole [[11]]
  • Olive. Orion Fighter Thief. Trick ridder. Motorcross. Roller Derby.[[12]]