Running Sheet Slugger and Curious

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Father: King Corwin of Avalon

Mother: Unknown

Children: None

Race: Human-Mesobian

Apparent Age: 12

Height: 5ft. Weight: 90# Build: Average

Complexion: Fair w/ Freckles

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Dark Brown


Points {10}[edit]

Total: 51 = Stats{-40} +1 Powers{0} + Skills{12} + Items{0} + Allies/Enemies{0/0} + Stuff{+5} + Storage{+33}


  • 2021 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips- Advancement: in Storage
    • 3 Pips to Endurance: added
  • 2022 Anniversary Advancement
    • 10 Pips - Advancement: in Storage
    • 2 Pips to Psyche: NOT ADDED YET
    • 2 Pips to Skills: NOT ADDED YET
    • +1/-1 Add a 1 Point Ally and a 1 Point Enemy: NOT ADDED YET

Advancement Wish List[edit]

Statistics {-40}[edit]

  • Psyche: Chaos{-10}
  • Strength: Chaos{-10}
  • Endurance: Chaos{-7} 3 Added-2021
  • Warfare: Chaos {-10}

Powers {11(50)}[edit]

  • (50) Medallion of Mesob
  • 1 Cantrips- Transferred from Medallion.
    • Catfall, Clean, Zap, Page Light, purify water, Sober,
  • 2 Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon; Basic Imprint: Low Order Inscription; Lily Lake/Ft. Garland, CO; Change World.
    • High Order Spell Slots (2): Holder Frame (no need to Cast)
    • Low Order Spells Slots (5): Holder and Casting Frame.
  • 3 Avalon Shape Shifting; Specific Alternate Forms ONLY:
    • Gained assaying the Ft. Garland Sigil of Avalon.
    • Forms: Human(True Form), Nixie(Magical Creature)
  • 5 Low Order Sorcery Sorcery in Jeweled Amber
    • Highest Priority of Low Order Magic
    • Low Order versions of High Order Sorcery Spells
      • Less power overall; less intensity, effectiveness, duration.
    • This is NOT a Low Order Magic System, such as; Magery, Wizardry, Listery, etc.


  • Framework: Low Order Inscription; Basic Imprint; Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon
    • High Order Sorcery Spell Slots (2): Holder Frame; no need to Cast.
      • [Empty], [Empty]
    • Low Order Sorcery Spell Slots (5): Holder and Casting Frame.
      • Invisibility (good for a Low Order Sorcerer. the main difference between High and Low versions is duration)
      • Giant Slap (good enough to shut doors but not kick open strong doors. But it could play hell with a table setting)
      • Cardiac Arrest (a killing spell for High Order but for Low Order it is mainly a massive chest pain distraction unless someone has heart problems)
      • Defensive Shield (as a Low Order spell is mainly useful against Low Order Magic, but its a must)
      • Single Wound Healing (stops a single wound from causing someone to bleed out. The size of the wound is important. A High Order version will stop almost any wound short of decapitation)

Skills {5}[edit]

  • 2 Wilderness Survival & Camping.
    • Fishing (Fresh Water; Lake & Pond, River & Stream. Hook & Line, Trapping, Netting, Bow Fishing)
  • 1 Cooking (incl. Butchering & basic Vegetable Gardening)
  • 1 Athletics-Sports
  • 1 Parkour

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]








Items {0}[edit]

Medalion of Mesob[edit]

  • Immortality-Istari Immortality- Vast spectrum medical protections.
  • Recognize Mesob wearers.
  • Shadowwalk-As Broken Pattern shadow walker
    • Shadowwalk toward Mesob Wearer if known.
  • Reverse Conjuration.
  • Immunity to lycanthropy
  • Immunity to Undead Magics and attacks.
  • Regeneration
  • Animal Friendship
  • Moments warning upon attack
  • Passwall
  • Phase Walk
  • Flash


  • 1 Cantrips-20
  • Clean Body
  • Clean Body.
  • Animal Friendship

Non-magical Equipment[edit]

Weapons & Tools[edit]

  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Marine K-Bar. Uncle Buck's fighting knife.
  • .45 cal Automatic Pistol & 2 clips (10 round cap.)
    • 200 rounds .45 ACP ammo
  • .38 Snubnose Revolver
    • 200 rounds
  • 4 handgranades

Clothing & Accessories[edit]

Body Armor[edit]
  • Denim Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Flannel long-sleeved button-up shirt.
  • Camo Army Field Jacket w/ button-in liner
  • Alice Rig.
  • Waffle Stomper boots
  • Kevlar body suit.
  • Necklace with 20 dog-tags.

Other Equipment[edit]

  • Army Medic First Aid Kit (well stocked)
  • Large bottle of tabassco in pouch.


Slugger's helmet.jpg

  • 4 Invulnerable. Titanium wermacht helm. Black, with the Arco corporate logo on the side.


  • 1 Phase Access.-Mesob-Eventually

Stuff {1 Good Stuff}[edit]

  • 1 Good Stuff - Mesob


  • Told by Uncle Buck to stay with Raphael no matter what and to take care of the cat