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My Liege, as it seems,

I answer your demand for a Article of Submission.

I submit.

Lord Arloxedra ap Eric



Since you wish me to elaborate on my previous letter, i write as you exit the library with a stride befitting an annoyed grandfather. I shall take a moment to explain myself, though i'm not sure it is wise. I will take your comments point by point.

I am Arloxedra, though that is a name I gained later. Its meaning is not your affair.

The name of my birth is as irrelevant as the world of my birth. Neither exist any longer. Suffice it was a sword age, of armored men, of tales of glorious Knighthood. Stained glory at best. More i'd rather not say.

A thousand years before Patternfall my father, Eric, came and claimed me. I was a small boy. I traveled with Eric in shadow. He trained me at arms. We found a more respectable shadow for the glory of knighthood and we spent several decades there in the rise and fall of kingdoms. A shadow of Camelot, the card of which is now in the deck that bears your name. Despite martial adventures aplenty i found myself always reading. Collecting books in realms that lacked widespread literacy. I was teased for my passion by warriors who could not have read their names on a death warrant.

One night my father brought me before Oberon. He petitioned for me to walk the pattern and it was granted. Oberon told me my education was lacking in the things that would be needed in the dark war coming. So he put in mind a place where i could learn much.

I did the bidding of the King. I spent many centuries in study and was ravaged, and learned of horrors. I knew the answers to deep questions existed and i knew they were in places that were not safe. I suffered for my education. Yet sought more. I was unwwise in the paths i took to scholarship. A sage would scold me.

In time my father came for me. He brought me to Amber with the intention that i would be his heir as he took the Throne of Amber. But after a short time it was clear i might be unsuited but he said it did not matter. He said it would be thousands of years before it would come to pass and i would grow wise in that time. Turns out he was wrong.

So now you come. I have done as you asked. I have no designs on the throne. My father was fairly sure my ruling would be a bad idea.

So i serve a new king, the broken pawn that i am. I will try to keep out of trouble.

So i answer again your demand for a Article of Submission.

I submit.

Lord Arloxedra ap Eric

It occurs to me i should be more forthright.

  • Eric had me crowned Prince of the Realm and used the Crown of Amber for it. I have felt that cold fire you wear.
  • He had me walk the Primal Pattern wearing the Jewel of Judgment and attune myself to it. He did so because it was I who deciphered the method of achieving the act. As you no doubt know; an attunement to the Jewel of Judgment can be only erased by its wielder, clearing all attunements of lesser degrees then their own. So mine will not be cleared unless the Eye of the Serpent is returned to its original owner. I know its secrets as deeply as any. Be careful and wary of it.
  • I have held the Pattern Blade Galis, and it will come to me no matter who bears it.
  • I wear the imprints of Amber and Regor, I have the Sigils of Bursain and Mal at Riess.
  • I am a member of the Non-Partisan Anti-Agolith Association and I don't know who knows it.
  • I have sat in the Oracle of Night[[1]] and the Tower of Grief[[2]].

Jeweled Amber

Arloxdra. Son of Eric

  • Arlo is a nearly constant resident of the Library of Amber. Holding no official role in the running of the Library he is still almost always there. He can usually be found sleeping in one of the chairs or couches.
  • His world of origin is unknown but his references suggest an Earth/Urth/Earuth/AerthPS World somewhere near the Camolot and Chivalric shadows. He writes copious editorials on works from the libraries that he mostly picks at random. He is meticulously clean, despite having piles of books near where he sleeps and writing material spread over some table nearby.
  • He nearly always has a cigarette of some type burning. He has an ashtray nearly always near him that is mithril, with two outstretched pelicans for gripping cigarettes. Some function of the ashtray attracts huge amounts of smoke and deadens the smell of smoke withing 10 meters of itself.
  • While many of the castle's stray cats make a point of visiting Arlo for a warm lap, saucer of milk, or uneatten meals, he has one cat that the others understand is Arlo's familiar. When asked its name, Arlo looks perplexed, then answers, "Cat"
  • When asked he admits that he has rooms upstairs someplace but he can't concentrate there. If pushed he isn't entirely certain where they are.


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