Ascorbic and Ox

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Ascorbic and Ox, whose real given name is Boxlifter, are always found traveling together. Unclear on their world of origins these two seem to be able to travel from realm to realm at will.

Ascorbic is nearly always found in a tavern running card games and dice games. Strictly legal, cleared with the house, Ascorbic has a calm, dry wit and no patience with cheats. He has some magical abilities and may at one time have been a wizard. He knows many details about the people in whatever tavern he is found in. He seems to know a lot about everything, and to have been almost everywhere.

Boxlifter is a quiet, gentle soul. Kind to a fault, a soft touch to kids seeking a penny, and stray dogs and cats. He invariably finds work in warehouses and docks doing backbreaking labor with a smile, never seeming to tire. He takes jobs that may not pay well, but he does not like being cheated. He is not smart but he is no fool either. Quiet, he speaks firmly when needed. He never swears, prefers soda and juice to alcohol though drinks beer occasionally. He does not smoke but tolerates it from Ascoric, who does.

Now, both men seem mild mannered and happy but when others have thought they could rough them up Ascorbic has proven to be excellent with a knife, has a few dangerous spells ready. Ox turns out to be incredibly strong. He is happy to fight bare handed and prefers to settle fights non-lethally but if a weapon is drawn one one appears in each his hands. He manifests paired warhammers, with glowing inscriptions. Careful observations of both of their fighting styles show that they are far from helpless and have some skill in the ritualized martial arts. Ascorbic's spells are extremely efficient but mages get a sense of wild danger when he uses them. Mages who witness Ascorbic using magic are rarely ever comfortable in his company again. Boxlifter knows a large number of very minor cantrips.

They are friends with people across the realms but are especially close friends with Guiness & Lop Both are members of CHAD but do not wear guild colors of symbols.

Animals seem to like Ox. Not in a following magical way, but in the way someone who is extraordinarily kind to animals sometimes has animals come to him. He is not a vegetarian exactly, but does tend to prefer fruits and vegetables for the most part. He prefers fish to red and white meats.

Rumors of these two echo in many a tavern gambling hall and from warehouse to docks. Some believe them strong shadows of Amberites though which ones it is unclear.

Again, these two are ancient PCs. A Mage Theif and a High Str Fighter. Both rose to moderate level in game play but were overshadowed by later PCs. Ascorbic has an affinity with spiders. He was also a madwand, a mage able to see the stands of magic around him, making his magic greatly more powerful then it should be. He can unravel magic used against him or around him, making him nearly invulnerable to magic.