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Part of the Jeweled Amber series.

Diners of Amber

The tale of Lop is one both grim and funny. It is the tale of a talented man who set out on a life of adventure only to discover he had no taste for it.

Lop was abandoned by his family at the age of 4. Left in a gutter, he survived by eating rats and scrounging in trash.

In time he learned how to cook and began cooking for a group of other street urchins. They brought him scraps and he made them into meals. He mended clothes, cleaned discarded blankets and helped younger orphans survive. He spent a decade in the gutters nd back alleys of Wall helping others survive, mostly out of self defense since the people he cooked and cleaned for came to protect him. he was in and out of orphanages as well.

At 14, when his orphanage was destroyed in the western region of Tosa during the ravages of the Orcish Open Hand Clan, he became a refuge. While doing odd jobs in a tavern a group of adventurers hired him to tend their animals on an excursion into the Dungeons of Eldomar. This vast subterranean construct was the remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Eldomar.

In time Lop became a regular member of the adventuring company. He tended horses, set up tents, cooked all the meals, cleaned all the crockery and maintained the food, healing and other supplies. He cooked food but did not butcher or kill animals. He was an expert hunter of vegetables, herbs and fruits. He repaired armor and clothes. He received a full share of treasure for his efforts during adventures and between them.

In between adventures he built the first Palace Commons, a tavern of great size. He also spared with the others and was a frequent participant in mock melees and tournaments of a sporting nature or combat. He was an excellent boxer and a experienced martial artist in several monastic styles.

However, in several years of traveling as an adventurer he never struck a violent blow. He dragged the wounded from conflict and tended their wounds, and a great many other little details in the everyday life of the adventurers. He did everything he could to be useful to his companions.

Then one day he was pressed. The forces of a Hobgoblin king fell on the group and a terrible battle ensued. Many hobgoblins over ran the party and one got back to the horses and their defender Lop. He fled immediately.

The hobgoblin chased him and eventually Lop took refuge in a large tree. The hobgoblin tried to climb after him. Lop swung wildly at the creature and split its head open killing him instantly. The first senient creature lop had ever killed. He was crushed.

With the party being chased by hobgoblins`Lop insisted they bury the creature he killed. He began digging the hole with his own barely bloodied sword. The others took over and buried the creature. Lop then wanted to say a few words...

They lost their patience and tossed him over their shoulders and fled, eventually gaining safety.

After that day his reputation as a coward grew, much to his dismay. He did a great deal of boxing to stop the rumors but determined his own future lay in suppling adventurers and providing for their needs in between adventures.


Originally rolled in white box D&D (OD&D), Lop was a no-bonus fighter with a 15 charisma and a 14 intellegence for high stats. He ran as the company servent, cook, stablehand, tent raiser, cleaner, armor repairman, cloth mender and combat medic. In RP situations where negotiation or haggling went on he was often the one talking. But i ran him as unwilling to take senient life. If a situation was nonlethal such as boxing matches or tournements he could do well.

In the campaigns he played in the deal was he got full exp for doing all the grunt work and rp stuff but would not kill.

He reached 14th lvl before circumstances forced him to kill a hobgoblin. After that folks would not let me run him anymore. I blame the hack&slashers who did little RP. But they let him run the tavern everyone hung out in and they bought all thier supplies from him. Fun games.