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Ataxia dedicated herself to the cult of the Blue Moon Goddess under the aspect of the Wild Huntress to escape a repellent and cruel arranged marriage. Since then she has cut all remaining ties with her family. Although she still yearns for the company of her siblings, and a mother's gentle touch, the thought of living under the shadow of all that hypocrisy makes her teeth grind and her hands form trembling fists. In the last two years, her devotion - at least to her new lifestyle - has grown: but to her frustration she has no gift whatsoever for the mystical. Ever pragmatic, she has given up trying to emulate her mentor Azure Sky, in that respect at least.

Fighter 1

STR 10
DEX 18
CON 11

HP 5
AC 4
MV 9"

Skill Athletics +1 (i.e. running, jumping and throwing)?

1 Rucksack & Contents
1 Leather Armour
2 Short bow
1 Sword
5 ENC (light burden)