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*Nb: Designer's notes are always in italics:

  • ...here it is..a place to store my system and setting for a game i have devised based on b-grade movies. Largely incorporating the One Roll Engine (ORE) with a lot of the work from my (now abandoned) TORGLIKE system. I think with B-Grade, i have finally found a setting that i am happy to GM.
  • General principles of B-Grade
  1. More beer'n'pretzel than serious rpg - though not at the expense of realism.
  2. Reduce complexity. Always opt for the simpler solution


  • B-Grade is an rpg where the players take on the role of B-Grade movie characters such as vampires, mummys, martians, leprechauns, deformed hunchbacks, and wolfmen...they fight secretly for allied forces in 1935 at the brink of what will become world war 2...adventures focus on thwarting the schemes of cthulhuan occultists, far east criminal geniuses, mad scientists, double agents and facist governments...finding themselves in locations such as prehistoric dinosaur islands, archaelogical dig-sites, and secret military installations...fighting against foes such as japanese robots, radioactive mutants, sadistic superhuman nazis and legions of ninjas.
  • B-Grade Setting



  • B-Grade is driven by the One Roll Engine, though i have made a number of major changes to this system.
  • Many of the rules are derived from the latest version of ORE (Reign), so i suggest getting this book if you plan to run B-Grade.
  • Some fundamental changes include:
  1. PC characters mainly play monsters (golems, frankensteins, leprechauns, pookas, vampires, wolfmen, aliens, cat people etc) by choosing a monster template.
  2. Master dice are now called Hammer-time (HtD) dice. HT dice are much more rare now and are usually offset by penalties in other areas.
  3. Skills have been dramatically reduced in number.
  4. Spells/Rituals/Miracles work differently