Baroness Éadaoin of Mertactor

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Éadaoin nic Eithne, Baroness Gaoth Dobhair (Mertactor)[edit]

UPP 9A86CD F Solomani

Éadaoin is a Knight of the Order of the Belt of Glisten, a Ducal level order, Commanded and sponsored by the Duke of Glisten. She is Baroness of Metactor, in fief to her mother Marquesa Eithne of Mertactor and Mille Falcs.


Admin 1; Advocate 0; Art (Dance) 2; Art (Singing) 1; Astrogation 0; Broker 1; Carouse 1; Diplomat 1; Flyer 0; Gun Combat 0; Investigate 1; Language 0; Mechanic 0; Melee (Blade) 2; Persuade 0; Pilot (Spacecraft) 0; Profession (Choreographer) 1; Streetwise 1; Survival 0; Vacc Suit 0


  • Monoblade TL12 3D damage, AP 10
  • Mobile Comm (TL10, Computer/1, Cr500)
  • Autobar (TL8 Cr300)
  • Gourmet Autochef (TL10 Cr2500)
  • Autolaundry (TL10 CR500)
  • High Fidelity Music System (TL 11 Cr4000)


Éadaoin stands 200.66 cm (6'7") tall, weighing in at 110 kg (242 lbs). Her black hair is kept long and straight, though usually tightly braided. She has electric blue eyes, and she tends to wear flowing dresses and skirts when she can, though she's no less at home in a standard ship suit.


Éadaoin is the only daughter and heir of Eithne nic Maire and her wife Alainna of Mertactor. The barony is more of just a hereditary title than anything that brings in income, but with a good sense of society, a Noble can subsist just by going to the right parties. Éadaoin punches considerably upward in March Society, routinely hobnobbing with the likes of Counts and Dukes.

Marquessa Eithne is the senior Imperial Noble in District 268. Eithne is subordinate (for now) to the Duke of Glisten. Mertactor is a colony of Mora, founded several centuries ago by dissidents from Mora/Mora. It retains a rivalry with the larger and richer mother world.


Term 1[edit]

Éadaoin went to Glisten University to study art, and incidentally learned what any college student who pays attention to learns - how to navigate the bureaucracy. She also fell in with a group of Cosplayers and History buffs who became lifelong friends. (Professor Anachan, Andra Castami, Juni'i Daveerra). She graduated, though not with honors.

Term 2[edit]

Without much idea what she wanted to do, Éadaoin found herself drawn to the exploration of the Scouts. Sadly, her career in that celebrated service just wasn't to be. Soon after graduating from Service academy, she served on a Scout Ship piloted by Lt. Magnus Artelier, a younger son of a Noble family who managed to get put into a position that he couldn't support with any skill. His poor piloting resulted in the ship being badly damaged. Éadaoin, fed up with his constant harassment and attempts to blame her, left the ship as soon as an opportunity presented itself, though not without setting the simple facts of the situation into long term, undeleteable (by Magnus, anyway) memory. He was rescued fairly quickly, but couldn't buy his way out of the resulting damage, and has hated Éadaoin ever since (the fact that she was and still is his Social superior doesn't help). He's now Lt. Col Sir Magnus Artelier, and still not a fan.

Meanwhile, Éadaoin found herself picked up by Belters (well, more or less pirates, but she never called them that to their faces). While there, she took up with Bridin Innes of Tierem as much out of desire as for someone to give her a proper place in the crew. In addition to her, Éadaoin found herself connecting with some others of the crew for different purposes (such as learning to fence), as well as one or two people on other worlds until she returned to base and learned that her career in the Scouts was over.

(Four Contacts from Term 2 still to be determined.)

Term 3[edit]

At loose ends, but not wanting to bring her family into the mix just yet, Éadaoin finds herself in amongst an Artist's colony, where her dance skills and innate dexterity gain her enough of a following to keep up for a while - one of the artists takes her under her wing and teaches her just a little about how to get her way.

Just before a performance, the main script was stolen. Investigating the theft, Éadaoin found herself in among the 'riff-raff' as her mother Alainna would have put it, but she acquitted herself well, locating the right people to find the script and retrieve it.

Term 4[edit]

Having found that her voice was nearly as good as her grace, Éadaoin continues to work with the artist colony, where yet another theft tests her ability to locate and follow clues, but she once again manages to retrieve what was stolen.

During this theft, she met one John Fitzhugh. Not only did she locate the item, she impressed John with her tough bargaining ability. Of course, he had nothing to do with the theft. He said so, and she believes him. No, really. She does.

Term 5[edit]

Her mothers bring her back to the family 'business', mostly seeing and being seen, but also working with the Emperor's Envoy Count Charlie Montbatten and key members of the Imperial Bureaucracy. She spent most of the Fifth Frontier War in shuttle diplomacy between various sector Dukes courts. Riding X-Boats between them reminded her of earlier scout service.

She exceled, though in the process, one of her fellow 'nobles' takes offense to something she said, challenging her to a duel. She wins, showing off more skill than he anticipated, and earning a monoblade as the forfeit. Her fame as a dancer and singer merely add to her Noble rank.

Her mother having been promoted to Marquess of Mertactor and Mille Falcs, the Baronial title falls to Éadaoin.


Magnus Artelier former scout who served with Éadaoin. Now a Lt. Colonel of Imperial Marines.