Bridin Innes of Tierem

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Bridin Innes[edit]

UPP 6F9BA5 Age 42


Astrogation 1, Athletics 0, Carouse 1, Deception 0, Electronics 0, Engineer - M-Drive 1/J-Drive 1/Life Support 1/Power 1, Gambler 1, Gunner - Turret 2, Gun Combat - Slug 2, Language 0, Medic 1, Melee - Blade 1, Navigation 1, Pilot - Spacecraft 1, Profession (Belter) 1, Recon 0, Science 0, Stealth 0, Streetwise 1. Vacc Suit 2


Birthplace: some size 0 installation in the belt of Tirem. Bridin's parents were well off, her father was the station's doctor, her mother was in charge of hydroponics, and they got in a solid education before she radicalized.

Much to her parents' dismay Bridin refused to go to university or a military academy, which they considered her ticket out of the Belt. Puberty hit late, but hard and their 'good girl' rebelled and took up an apprenticeship with a miner vessel. A romantic interest may have been involved in picking this path.

Term 1[edit]

Pre-Career, Spacer Community, Entry: automatic, Graduation: 11, DM+1 to enlist, gain commission or promotion in Merchant (Free Trader) Career, Event: She joins a political movement in the belt. Bridin is not a leader in this movement, but is an ardent follower of charismatic firebrand Ciaran O'Doyl.

Bridin hooks up with a radical bunch, the Belter Freedom Alliance out to protect and advance Belter interests. As obviously nobody is interested in giving Belters anything but grief, sometimes you gotta take what's yours and things may get a little rowdy. So what if those inners protest and call you a pirate or terrorist?

Term 2[edit]

Rogue (Pirate), Qualification 7, Basic Training, 2 on the Pirate skill table (Astrogation), Survival 10, Event 6 (Had an opportunity to backstab her allies for personal gain, but refused and picked up an Ally). Promotion 11, Promotion skill roll on Personal Development table 5, rank 1 pick Gunner 1.

A lost scout, the future Baroness Éadaoin of Mertactor was picked up by Bridin's crew. Briden was the ship's engineer, and gave Éadaoin an escort home. Obviously not for free and her crew might even have something to do with Eadaoin's ship getting blown up in the first place. Though Bridin was of course not the captain, she was the one to make sure Eadaoin got out in one piece. Even when her parents turned out not to have such deep pockets as anticipated. Championing the Belter cause and making rich inners share the wealth is all good and well, but Briden is not a murderer, and especially not someone she got seduced by and shared a bunk with. Connection skill: Engineer +1.

Term 3[edit]

Rogue (Pirate), Pirate table skill roll 4, Engineer +1, Survival 9, Event 7, Life event 4: A romantic relationship ends. Badly. Gain enemy. Advancement 9, Promotion skill on personal development 1, gain Carouse +1.

Bridin is becoming more important in her outfit, but also getting increasingly disturbed that things are getting out of hand as what they are actually doing seems to have less and less to do with emancipating and protecting Belter interests. What doesn't help is though she had tried to keep her affair with Eadaoin hidden, that was to no avail. The lover she followed into the apprenticeship program and later into the radical Belter movement, also the father of her daughter is for obvious reasons not exactly accepting of Bridin sleeping with an inner, and especially not one of the aristocracy. Their relationship implodes spectacularly. Yeah, hard to claim she is in the right, cause, well, she isn't. Sure, Cianan had been getting more and more extreme, something they had fought about a lot, but cheating on him before breaking off the relationship kinda cedes the moral high ground, especially in the view of others and her daughter Siobhan.

Term 4[edit]

Rogue (Pirate), Pirate table skill roll 1, Pilot +1, Survival 9, Event 8: Bridin spend months in the dangerous criminal underworld. Pick Streetwise 1. Advancement 10, pick rank 3 skill Gun Combat 1. Promotion skill on personal development roll 2, Dex +1. Ageing 7.

She might be getting ever more important in the movement, but it is getting harder to keep her sight on why she is doing this. Aside from all the fine rhetoric it is becoming harder and harder to see the difference between the BFA (Belter Freedom Alliance) and a bunch of criminals and pirates. A lot of rough types, former military and veterans from the war, joined like this Iglim of Tsarina chap. Yeah, difficult to believe they're in for the ideology and not the credits. Might be why Bridin has developed a gambling habit...

Term 5[edit]

Alas, still no Anagathics. Rogue (Pirate), Pirate table skill roll 5, Vacc Suit +1, Survival 13, Event 10, involved in a gambling ring. Gain Gambler 1, wager any number of Benefit rolls, gain half as many as you wager round up on Gambler 8+. Bridin wagers 1. No luck. Advancement 9, Promotion Skill on Pirate table, 4, Engineer +1, Ageing 3.

Well, not everything is shit. She kept running into Aleksander Berg. These two Belters apparently like the same sort of bars and after she helped him tune up his ride strike up an enduring friendship. As isolated as she starting to feel in the BFA, this is something that is welcomed! Connection skill: Engineer.

It took her so long to see the BFA for what they are. Way too long. And she should never have let her daughter near her father. He's a total lunatic and now she is totally under his sway, like she had been for too long. Fuck! Anyway, thank whatever deity is out there that there are apparently still sane people out there. Things got dicey, very dicey, and it was just pure luck they didn't up trading laser fire and missiles with the Glisten navy. If it weren't for the intervention of Imperial Navy Captain Dame Sayaka Moon of New Rome. Sayaka and Briden she managed to cut a deal a lot of lives would have been lost. Also, sorta an eye-opener when the Imp officer was more of an ally than her fellow BFA members who were way too eager to escalate and shed blood...

Term 6[edit]

Anagathics? Nope! Only for innalowda bastards, it seems. Rogue (Pirate). Pirate table skill roll 3, Gunner +1, Event 10, another chance at gambling, This is clearly becoming an addiction, but still only gambling 1 Benefit, but more luck this time. Advancement 9, Pick Navigation 1 as Rank skill. Promotion Skill on Pirate table, 6, Melee +1, Ageing -1, Strength & Endurance -1.

Bridin finally walks away from the BFA! Her position was becoming untenable anyway and besides, it's just no longer the organisation she joined so many years ago. Her friend Aleksander managed to get his hands on a ship of his own and asked her to join his crew. She bought a share in it and that's that. Her only regret is leaving her daughter Siobhan behind with Cianan, but the last time they spoke was... messy. Perhaps she should give her some space and try again later. Hell, what does she know? Not like she will be winning any mother of the year prizes soon...

She has 160K on her bank account, 2 weapons, +2 Dex, and some shares in a ship, to be exact, 3 shares. 1 weapon will be exchanged for +1 Gun Combat.


  • Cartridge Pistol (Benefit)
  • Cutlass (200)
  • TL12 Cloth (750)
  • leather jacket (50)
  • TL10 Wristwatch/Computer 1 (200) with Intelligent Interface (100), TL9 Translator software (50), TL 8 Security (0) and built in TL8 mobile comm - audio & video (150)
  • TL11 Laptop/Computer 2+Comms (300) with Intelligent Interface (100) and TL8 Security (0)
  • 10 doses of recreational drugs (100).
  • Bank account: 158.000


Ciaran O'Doyl, her ex, the father of her daughter and one of the leaders of the Belter Freedom Alliance. A charismatic firebrand and total radical. Their daughter is Siobhan Innes; she stands by him and not her mother. Siobhan blames Bridin for, well, everything.