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Bernadette with moons Nautilus(l) and Spinrad(r)

After the initial colonization of Londinum and Sihnon, Bernadette was the first planet to be terraformed and settled by humanity. The only remaining ship that brought the folk who made the Exodus stands in the capital city of New Paris as a monument to their courage. The ark is a monstrous starship, at least five times the size of an Alliance cruiser. The sheer sight of the ark inspires all manner of awe and jaw-dropping. The inside of the ark is a museum containing information about the journey, and also information on the cultures and history of Earth-That-Was. The great ark is named Prometheus, after the legendary god who gave man fire.

Bernadette is a traditional launching point for those leaving to settle on other worlds. Settlers arrive here from other planets on the Core and make preparations to set off for a new life on the Rim.

Many businesses cater to these settlers, selling tools and supplies.

Best watch your step here. There is an underground slave-trade on Bernadette. Settlers are captured and hauled off to work on terraforming stations. The slavers are smart enough to leave locals alone. They figure outsiders won’t be missed.

Bernadette is also home to many churches and religious groups. Buddhists and Christians rub shoulders with Islamic clerics and Hindu fakirs. In addition, the planet is home to a number of fringe cults and fanatical devotees.

Bernadette is a restricted landing zone. However, if you claim to be a settler or you have a group of kiddies on board for a field trip to see the ark, you’re usually welcome.

  • Has seen an increase in colonial activity to the Border, in particular, ethnic groups heading to their regional centers (New Kalmar, Bharat, Nova Rodina, and the Califate), although smaller groups as well. Brazilian, French, Malay, and others have aimed for planets deemed friendly to their ethnicity or religion.

Jamestown Station a.k.a. Container City

Starport: Jamestown Station
A.k.a. Container City
Headquarters of Potemkin Colonial Services: Josef Potemkin