Josef Potemkin

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Josef Potemkin

Short, thin, slightly-balding black hair, with a mustache and goatee. Josef was the brains behind Potemkin Colonial Services. He works from Bernadette in small office overlooking a warehouse, and the yards, which house the hundred or so specialized containers used in the business. Josef is always impeccably dressed and clean. He doesn't smoke or drink (in public) and maintains very accurate accounts, as well as a set of 'clean' ones that meet all Alliance requirements.

  • Potemkin attempted to infect the crew with a nasty virus on Angel.
  • Potemkin is currently serving time for human trafficking.
  • Potemkin has apparently escaped prison and hijacked a Prison Barge. Last scene on Meridian.
  • Potemkin captured the Mutineers, set them in an elaborate death trap, but was foiled and apparently killed himself.

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