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NPCs - mostly antagonists in the Bitter Angels PbP game.



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A mysterious, duplicating vigilante driven to capture and incarcerate any and all meta-criminals throughout the galaxy!

They've been active in the Galactic Republic for the past twenty years, and have been responsible for sending dozens of criminals to the Black Horizon Maximum Security Meta Sentient Rehabilitation Center. He's a loner, and is not known to work with other Meta Sentients. He has good relationships with Galactic Republic Law Enforcement.

He's a consummate fighter with impeccable reflexes and fast movement speeds. He hits hard, he's hard to hit in return, and he takes a decent punch.


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A Sarigar warrior - one of the few known members of her species to venture beyond their home system. The Sarigar are a secretive and isolationist independent system whose exact location is unknown. By reputation (mostly derived from Sempurna's reputation) they are believed to be highly competent soldiers and warriors.

Sempurna is a Meta Sentient - although its unknown at present to what extent her abilities are derived from her home system and culture versus derived from her Shifted nature.

She exhibits close to super-human reflexes, endurance and strength. She's a superlative fighter with any weapon, at any range. She's a tactical and strategic expert - with a reputation as a cunning field commander at the unit level and a clever strategist at the theater level of large scale kinetic conflicts. She moves with incredible speed, and the living snakes that comprise her hair are quite poisonous, making her a dangerous opponent to approach hand to hand.

Her public history in the Galactic Republic stretches back over fifty years. Along with Autohm8 and Imara, she's one of three founding members of the Praetoriate. That group was originally founded when the three members independently uncovered an extra-galactic plot to invade and overthrow the Galactic Republic. The trio were able to rally the Republic's response, and with them leading the charge, the so-called Sliding Andromedian invasion plot was crushed.

As an ongoing member of the Praetoriate, she usually acts as field leader for their missions. She and her allies have foiled thousands of meta sentient criminal plots and schemes over the last fifty years.


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Bitter Angels PbP game main paige