Bitter Angels (SWADE PbP)

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Lord Gryphon (played by Talisman)

Dr. Erla Yuta'kaan (played by Leliel)

The Purple Haze (played by Naphthalim)

R9U9R (played by Unka Josh)

Ultraviolet (played by IMGoose)

PAGAN (played by Karl Green)

Rogues Gallery[edit]





Setting Brief[edit]

Things You Need to Know[edit]

Game Notes[edit]

Gear Issued to Characters[edit]

Game Rules[edit]

The game will be played using Savage Worlds Adventure Edition along with the Super Powers Companion for that game.

Setting Rules[edit]

The following setting rules are in effect for this game:

From SWADE Core

From Super Powers Companion

Veils & Lines[edit]

The following are Lines for this game:

  • No harm to kids described or alluded to at all in the game
  • No torture described or alluded to at all in the game
  • No attempts by players or players' characters to excuse or justify real life horrors (e.g. Fascism) unless coming from obvious, explicitly immoral antagonists
  • No sexual coercion or violence described or alluded to at all in the game

The following are Veils for this game:

  • Romance is fine, but any displays of affection are limited to hand holding or a chaste kiss "on screen"; anything else should be a "fade to black" moment

Current Map[edit]