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Is there a piece of gear you want that can only be made by a Tailor? Looking for that special Enchantment to give you an edge in combat? Need a ton of Mithril Bars to help level up that Blacksmithing skill? Have a nice piece of gear that needs a good owner?

Then this is the place for you.

In order to help the members of Blacksky Company help each other more easily, I've created this page to allow those of us who are in need of materials or special gear to let others know what we need. It's also intended to advertise any extra materials, recipes or gear you may have floating around.

Rules & Guidelines[edit]

1. When posting your character's name, make sure you put your RPGNet handle so others can contact you out-of-game.
2. Please make sure you update your entry as you gain or give out items.
3. If you're offering items and have a minimum price, please list it as well.
4. For non-tradeskill materials, please include a link to Wowhead (or similar site).

Items sought[edit]

Vessillae (Player: Killer GM)

  • 90 Rugged Leather

Redshanks (Player: Jesse_Lowe)

BcAugust7754 (character Candryn) Looking for the herb bags, preferably two twenty slots. Will get the mats, have enough for one right now.

Items for trade[edit]

Alicja (Player: ubergrendle)

  • 10+ Primal life (note: check guild bank first, I left some there as well)

Malonia (Player: Unseenlibrarian)

Services sought[edit]


Redshanks (Player: Jesse_Lowe)


Services offered[edit]


Alicja (Player: ubergrendle)

  • Flask recipes known: Pure Death, Mighty Restoration, Relentless Assault, Chromatic Wonder, Fortification. You provide mats, I'll make them for free.
  • Transmute spec: daily specs available to crafters, you provide mats and I keep #3 and #5 procs if they occur

Beladar (Player: Ratman_tf)
Redshanks (Player: Jesse_Lowe)

  • Flasks known: Mighty Restoration, Relentless Assault, Chromatic Wonder. Free if you provide the mats.
  • Transmute: Usually available, so just /whisper me if you need something transmuted.

Dorahan (Player: Brooksd01)

  • Potion Specced and all procs of course go to you.
  • have a few flasks but use one of the Flask specced people for these :)


Rajavi (Player: brooksd01)

  • Have Savagery, Major Spellpower to weapon (+40), Spellpower to bracers(+15), Spellpower to gloves(+20), Fortitude to Boots(+12 stam), Spellstrike to Gloves (+15 spellhit), Major Int to weapon (+30), Major Healing to gloves (+30), and probably some others I'll check for tonight in game...


Vaargul: 375 (Player: WalkingTarget)

  • Health and Mana Potion Injectors: 20 of either Super potion type, 4 bars of Fel Iron (1 Handful of bolts and 1 Casing, really, these are purchasable at Engineering vendors occasionally, but it's usually easier to get a hold of the raw metal), and 2 Knothide Leather. These condense down to one stack of 20 potions instead of 4 stacks of 5. Purely a inventory-saving device, but can come in handy. I'll spot you the Fel Iron and/or Knothide if necessary (I can get the former myself, the Leather is more appreciated).
  • Stabilized Eternium Scope: 2 Hardened Adamantite Tubes (a total of 60 Adamantite bars raw), 2 uncut Stars of Elune, 6 Felsteel Stabilizers (2 Felsteel bars apiece, this works to 24 Eternium Bars and 36 Fel Iron Bars total). Adds 28 crit rating to your bow/crossbow/gun. This is the rare schematic drop from Karazhan and, as far as I know, I'm the only one in the raiding alliance that can make them. They're expensive, so you'd probably only want to put one on a weapon you're planning on keeping for a while.


Ilkoland (Player: Kurotowa)
Herbalism at 375, msg me if you have requests.


Sylpheria: 375 (Player: James Ojaste)
Feel free to just mail the gems and mention the cut you want in the message. I use the CraftList2 addon, so you can whisper Sylph with "/tell Sylpheria !gem <search criteria>" (such as "!gem orange" or "!gem healing") to get a list of matching cuts.
Rare and epic gem cuts known:

  • (Blue) Star of Elune: Lustrous, Sparkling
  • (Green) Talasite: Dazzling, Enduring, Steady
  • (Orange) Noble Topaz: Glinting, Inscribed, Potent, Veiled, Wicked
  • (Purple) Nightseye: Regal, Royal, Sovereign
  • (Purple) Purified Shadow Pearl
  • (Red) Living Ruby: Bold, Delicate, Subtle, Teardrop
  • (Yellow) Dawnstone: Brilliant, Gleaming, Mystic, Thick
  • (Yellow) Lionseye: Quick
  • (Meta) Earthstorm Diamond: Bracing, Eternal, Insightful, Powerful
  • (Meta) Skyfire Diamond: Ember, Enigmatic, Swift


Ilkoland (Player: Kurotowa)
All trainer patterns and a good many world drops. Of note:
Vengeance Wrap [1] - Epic Cloak
Robe of Arcana - Needed for Warlock class quest at lvl30
Vessillae (Player: Killer GM)
I have Tailoring 275, and am working on getting all the recipes I can buy. Also have a few world drop recipes.