Blood Claws

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Blood Claws[edit]

Appearance: Members of the Blood Claws normally appear to be rank and file bandits when not on operations, then they dawn the Red and Blue uniforms (mocking Breland's national colors) that are created by seamtresses modifying the uniforms of the dead. They even go so far as to paint their armor red in order to increase their Hellish appearance.

Background: The Blood Claws are the result of Harath Clawblade's efforts in gathering the various bandit gangs in the Northeastern areas of Breland under one banner. Through Harath, they have become little more than a proxy organization for the Emerald Claw, though only the highest ranking members of the group know this.

They are currently based in Kennrun, formerly a major trade route between Breland and Dargunn, and maintain their stranglehold on the area encompassing most of the land between Caer Shadowfast in the East, New Cyre in the West, Thrane in the North, and stretching Southward into Dargunn.

The Blood Claws are, primarily, so successful because of the fact that they are not simple bandits. They operate an extortion scheme that taxes the Northern Brelish for sections of their produce and whatever else they want like women or leftover weaponry. The bandits are extremely good at making 'examples' of those who dissent against them and have managed to take over several villages in this manner. Harath makes a point to always kill a few of the locals in a village even when they're passive in order to make his point.

The Blood Claws would, normally, be nothing more than an annoyance to the locals even at their unusual size. However, the Last War has left a tremendous amount of warriors out of work that know of no trade but that of a warrior. Harath Clawblade has managed to increase the size of his organization considerably by creating uniforms, enforcing discipline, and creating a ridiculous 'philosophy' that eases formerly normal men into the life of a murderous brigand.

Thanks to the devastating effects of the Last War; Breland has the vast majority of its army patrolling the borders of Droam and Darguun. The losses of forces in the Day of Mourning have yet to be replaced and they are still paying off debts to their various creditors. It will be two to four more years before the nation is up to the capacity to send a full scale army to deal with the Blood Claws.

Finale: The death of the Red Owl along with Harath Clawblade during the Battle of Lykanaton were devastating blows to the organization as the majority of the remaining Lieutenants were either absorbed into the Emerald Claw or given over to Cassius Du'Shadowfast to execute. The majority of the army demobilized back into the ranks of the citizenry or broke up into independent bandit gangs. While Northern Breland remains a largely lawless place, the threat of revolt was largely extinguished.

Philosophy: Harath Clawblade fancies himself a great orator and philosopher. In truth, he's actually just above average. He makes up for it with Enthrall spells mixed with liberal Charm spells that make a subject inclined to listen to his arguments. His 'philosophy' is also nothing but regurgitated theories by smarter men than he is along with his own belief in ruthlessness mixed with hedonism.

The Blood Claws teach that warriors are meant to be the dominant species on the planet and to rule over the weak. That this is somehow the natural state of the world and it is unnatural for anyone to reign in their natural passions. This, combined with military control and terror tactics, makes an army that is fairly monstrous in its passions but disciplined enough to be terribly effective.

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