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The Milky Way Galaxy is split into six political regions (see map) as a result of two major territorial treaties, The Groombridge Accord and The Federal / Imperial Treaty.

The territories are;

Each territory has one or more nations within its borders and many cultures. The treaties have been signed by many nations, or more specifically, by the more powerful nations in that territory on behalf of the territory.

The Core[edit]

Lets get this one out of the way first. The core is not inhabited to any meaningful degree. In accordance with the Groombridge treaty, no nation can lay claim to any territory within 10,000 Ly of the core. The average radiation levels and the lack of appropriate planets to colonize means that the only colonies to survive there are high tech, expensive to run and completely sealed from the environment. In otherwords the complete antithesis of the colonization ideals. Navigation through the core is possible but major shipping routes tend to follow settlement routes from planet to planet, which means avoiding the core. All militaristic nations run patrols through the core. The Astræ'an Empire has a small fleet - The Imperial Hellfires to regularly patrol the core and scout for forward attack bases. The The Astræ'an Throne was discovered in the centre of the galaxy on the edge of a black hole, and the Empress has been looking for similar artifacts ever since.

The Astræ'an Empire[edit]

The Empress Astræ'a rules the Astræ'an Empire. It is a single nation and an absolute dictatorship. Before the Empire was formed the eastern side of the galaxy was settled by a diverse group of nations. Many African nations had colonies there, as did the Western Europeans, the Camby, and Oceanic Chinaa significant minority of non-Camby settlers followed the teachings of the Visi. There are a large number of Oruc and Pang nomads. The Empire tries to regulate them but the Oruc offer lip-service only to the concept of registration and border control.

Since the Empire came into being, many of these colonies retain the flavour and memories of their founding culture, and although there is a single political system in effect, the Empire is more diverse than people think.