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Io, the Scoundrel[edit]

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Look: Io appears as a fair-haired woman of average height and weight with a very forgettable face - perfect for a spy. She complicates this by wearing a brilliantly white short leather jacket, tight pants, and distinctive hairstyle with most of the right side of her head "shaved" (as true as that can be for someone who doesn't actually grow hair). A sleek and dangerous blaster pistol is always in her hip holster.

Heritage: Manufactured - Io is a human replica urbot

Background: Military


  • Human Replica Urbot:
    • 0 stress: pass for human under cursory examination, survive without food/water/oxygen
    • 1 stress: pass for human under close examination, survive in space for a short period, detect things outside human sensory range
    • 2 stress: pass for human under high-tech examination, survive in space for an extended period, act with superhuman strength/speed/reflexes
  • Devil's Own Luck: You may expend your special armor to resist the consequences of blaster fire, or to push yourself when talking your way out of (or running from) trouble.

Cred: 0

XP: 0


  • (I) Hack: 1
  • (I) Rig: 1

XP: 0


  • (P) Scramble: 1
  • (P) Scrap: 1
  • (P) Skulk: 1

XP: 0


  • (R) Command: 1
  • (R) Sway: 2

XP: 1


Level 1, Glitched


Rhin, a smuggler (▲)
While Io is capable of ingesting food and drink, it doesn't do what's necessary to sustain her operations. Only an unusual form of fuel seems to do the trick, and Rhin has proved to be a sympathetic, non-extortionate source of that when his "trading" itinerary puts him in the same neighborhood of the sector. He's the closest thing Io has to a friend outside of the crew.

Ora, an info broker (▼)
To date, Ora is the only one who's figured out that Io is connected to the reward that the Guild of Engineers put out two and a half years ago that's been slowly growing in size ever since. Lately, Ora has been putting increasing pressure on Io to pay protection money or otherwise provide favors, lest Ora decide that the Guild's money and gratitude are more lucrative.


When Io is alone, she'll frequently peel her flesh back and tinker with her insides, trying to figure out exactly how she works.