Bounty Hunter Blues

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Procyon. Not just a hive of scum and villainy, but a sector full of it: Distant nobles scheme for power; the Guilds tighten their steel grips on people born high and low alike; and criminals are rife – from petty thieves and pirates to the murderous syndicates who walk beside movers and shakers both. It is a dangerous, often lawless, place. And one ripe with opportunity! At least, until your luck runs out…

Welcome to Bounty Hunter Blues! A campaign of Scum & Villainy run by Civil Savage. Here, a crew of intrepid bounty hunters will ply their trade unruly rim of the civilised galaxy! So without further ado, all aboard the good ship...


  • Cordi "Penguin" Ainsworth, the Mechanic (played by Cannonball)
  • Io, the Scoundrel (played by Lysus)
  • Kleisa "Glory" Erzatou, the Muscle (played by QuZi)
  • Robin "Red Astrea", the Mystic (played by Squidheadjax).
  • Quint "Quint" Tomlin, the Pilot (played by Raveled)


Ashen Knives[edit]

  • Reputation: -2

Dangerous criminal syndicate known for their control of gambling and assassination.

The Borniko[edit]

  • Reputation: -1

A tight-knit syndicate of tech-thieves constantly chasing a bigger score.

Conclave 01[edit]

  • Reputation: +1

Ur Bot-lead Ur Bot independence movement!

House Malklaith[edit]

  • Reputation: 0

Feudal overlords of Procyon and authority de jure if not always de facto. Unhappy about the refusal to fulfill the contract on Chendra Jor.

Starless Veil[edit]

  • Reputation: +1

Hegemonic Counter-intelligence with no allegiance to House Malklaith.


Holt System[edit]

Heat +2


  • Duskton (a village on the edge)

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