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Female Human
Druid 1 Exp 2083/2000
Str 9 Open doors 1-2; BB/LG 1%
Dex 12 Reaction 0; DA 0
Con 12 +0 to HP; SSS 80%; RS 85%
Int 13 +3 Additional Languages
Wis 13 MAA None
Cha 15 Max 7 henchmen; Loyalty +15%; Reaction +15%
Hit Points (1d8): 4 
AC: 7 (leather & shield); 8 (leather only); 9 (shield only)
Weapon Proficiencies: scimitar, sling
+2 Saving throw against fire and lightning
Scimitar: 1-8/1-8
Sling bullet: 2-5/2-7

Spells Memorized (2x 1st level): Faerie Fire, Entangle

Languages known: Common, Druidic, Elven, Gnoll, Orc

Starting money (3d6x10): 110gp Current money: 64gp; 3sp

Gear: Leather Armor (5gp) Small Shield (10gp) Scimitar (15gp) Sling & dozen bullets (15sp)

Boots, high, soft (1gp) Cloak (5sp) Hat (7sp) Belt (3sp)

Leather Backpack (2gp) Bedroll (1g) Wax candles x5 (5sp) Leather scroll case (15sp) Oil flask (1gp) Large belt pouch (1gp) Small belt pouch (15sp) Water skin (15sp) Tinder box (1gp) Torch x5 (5cp)

Standard rations 1 week (3gp)

Wooden holy symbol (7sp)