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Welcome to the wiki page for Borderlands, an OSRIC campaign being run on rpg.net forums.


Jarpa Fernweaver[edit]

Played by Marc G.

Halfling Thief, 2st lvl

AC 6, HP 5/8, THACO: 20
Surprise: +1  Move: 60
Short Sword: +0 to hit 1d6/1d8 damage
-- Backstab: +4 to hit 2d6/2d8 damage
Sling: +4 to hit, 1d4/1d4 damage, Range Increment 35'
RSW: 10 BW: 16 DPP: 13 (9 vs Poison) PP: 12 Sp: 11


Played by Aikireikinu,

Half-Orc Fighter, lvl. 5

AC 3 (2 w/ shield) HP 34/34 THAC0: 16
Move: 60'
Ancient War Sword+1: +4 2d4/2d8 +7
Dart: +0 1d3/1d2 +4 Range 15'
Club: +2 1d4/1d3 +4
RSW: 13 BW: 13 DPP: 11 PP: 12 SP: 14

Vilandrien Starbrow[edit]

played by Mitch

Elven Fighter/Magic-User/Thief

AC 7 HP 4/4 THAC0: 20
Move: 90'
Attack 1: Long sword: 3/2, +2 to hit, 1d8+2/1d12+2
Attack 2: Short bow: 2/1, +1 to hit, 1d6, 50’
Attack 3: Short sword: 1d6/1d8
    • Backstab: +4 to hit, double damage
RSW: 11 BW: 15 DPP: 13 PP: 12 SP: 12
(-1 Mental saves, 90% resist sleep/charm)

Eiseth the Owl[edit]

Eiseth Zenunim Qodeshah will serve as Vilandrien's Familiar until 1220.IV.15 at 9 AM

Casald Rii[edit]

played by thirdkingdom

Human Fighter 1

AC x, HP x/x
Surprise: x  Move x
Attack 1:
Attack 2: 
RSW: x BW: x DPP: x PP: x Sp: x

Taren Rubysmith[edit]

played by DannyK

Dwarf Cleric 1

AC x, HP x/x
Surprise: x  Move x
Attack 1:
Attack 2: 
RSW: x BW: x DPP: x PP: x Sp: x


played by tomas

Human Druid 1 AC 7, HP 4/4

Surprise: 0  Move 120
Attack 1:
Attack 2: 
RSW: 14 BW: 16 DPP: 10 PP: 13 Sp: 15


Nodwick the Porter AC 8 (Leather) HP 4 Attack: 20/d6 (Staff) -- R 18 B 20 D 16 P 17 S 19 Monthly: 20sp + R & B

Linden the Footman (DEX 16) AC 5 (Leather & Shield & Dex) HP 5 Attack: 20/d6 (Spear/Hand Axe) Thrown: 19 (Spear/Hand Axe) -- R 18 B 20 D 16 P 17 S 19 Monthly: 20sp + R & B

Marfin the Footman AC 7 (Leather & Shield) HP 8 Attack: 20/d6 (Spear/Hand Axe) Thrown: 20 (Spear/Hand Axe) -- R 18 B 20 D 16 P 17 S 19 Monthly: 20sp + R & B

The Borderlands Ballad[edit]

A simple experience reward tracker.

The Treasure Chest[edit]

A repository for loot, unidentified items, and various stores.

The Borderlands Region[edit]

A plateau along the Spice Road between the Western Kingdoms and the Eastern Empire, the Borderlands are a cosmopolitan collection of people who gathered and thrived based on trade. Now, beset on every side by humanoids, the trade which gave the region such prosperity has dwindled, and the fate of the Borderlands hangs in balance.

House Rules[edit]


  • If you play a non-human single-class, double the racial limit to that class. (An Elf is limited to Fighter 5 (Str 16 or below) to 7 (Str 18) - if you're a Fighter/Cleric that limit remains. If you're a Fighter, you are limited to lvl 10, 12, or 14)1
  • Initiative by Side. This makes PbP a lot easier, as one side goes, the other side goes, and so on.
  • Char gen: Roll 3d6 6 times. If the total of all 6 rolls is less than 54, promote the lowest roll (or one of them if there are ties) to 16. If it's still less than 54? Promote the lowest roll to 15. If you somehow still total less than 54? Promote the lowest roll to 14. Assign rolls to stat.
  • Lost levels: Especially in Play-by-Post, lost levels represent an almost insurmountable set-back. You can choose to catch "Wraith Fever" and your character will lay helpless while they regain 100 exp x their previous level each day.
  • Exp for monsters and treasure are awarded upon return to settlements. Magic items that are kept award 10% of their estimated value. Magic items that are sold award 100%.
  • Training for higher levels does cost significant amounts of gold and time.

Two Handed Weapons[edit]

The following weapons are considered two-handed

Flail, Heavy Halberd Hammer, War, Heavy Morningstar Pick, Heavy Pole-arm Staff Sword Two-handed.

Spears and Tridents[edit]

Spears and tridents can be used one-handed and with a shield. However they cannot Set vs Charge if used one-handed.


The rules list the price per day. That is now the price per week.

Magical Healing[edit]

Magic Healing House Rule: If you're dropped to negative hit points but healed above 0 hits by magic you are still in a coma for 1-6 turns (10-60 minutes) but you are only "helpless" for one day. If you are fully healed by magic (which will get a lot harder to do as the HP totals go up) you require a full night's rest.

Level Drain[edit]

It's awful in a Play-by-Post. So while it will still happen, lost Exp is recovered at 1000 exp per full day of rest (Wraith Fever). 10% of the level drained exp lost will not be recovered and will have to be earned again.

Identify Spell[edit]

The section of the spell that reads: The spell must be cast within 1 hour/ caster level of the time a magic item first comes near the caster will be ignored.

Stowage and Animal Encumbrance[edit]



Small Pouch or Purse 2.5 lbs

Large Pouch 5 lbs

Small Sack 10 lbs

Backpack 30 lbs

Large Sack 40 lbs

Waterskin 3 pints


Saddle Bags 50lb/pair

Pack Saddle 300lbs

Panniers 400lb/pair

Animal Encumbrance[edit]

Unencumbered, Max Carry, Pull

Donkey 100/200/500

Horse, Draft 400/700/2000

Horse, Pack or Riding 300/500/1200

Mule 300/500/1500

Oxen 450/800/2200

Pony 200/400/1000

Warhorse, Light or Elven 200/400/*800

Warhorse, Medium 300/600/*1200

Warhorse, Heavy 500/700/*2000

  • Warhorses are not trained to pull loads, and are generally too expensive (and tempermental) to be good at it.