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This is the Wiki for the Interface Zero Fate Core Burning Hyperchrome PbP campaign.

The campaign kicks off in that toiling beehive, that space elevator-crowned termite hill, the Free City of Chicago.

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PC Information[edit]

Player Fate Points Stress Consequences Aspects Resources Equipment/Augs Stunts
Nachetanya 3 3/4 * Downtown's only bartending cyborg cybermonk. * Too much like ancient history... * Per Aspera Ad Astra! * Sheep in Wolf's Clothing * [Blank] 2 Cyberarm [1] (Recoil Compensation); Cyberlegs [2] (Kangaroo System, Ligament Enhancement); Subdermal Armour; Wireless Reflexes II (Two Steals, +2 to Defence); Cybereyes [2] (Enhanced Vision, Night Vision) Adaptable Mind (+2 to defend against Strain attacks using Will); Focus Armour [Subdermal Armour] (Gain +2 armour); Inhuman Reflexes [Wireless Reflexes] (gain one steal, and +Strain bonus to avoid being ambushed / surprised); Soaring Leap [Cyberlegs (Kangaroo System)]
Jesse Fourone 2/3 4/3 Aspects: [High Concept] Android PI with Questions [Trouble] A Megaconglomerate Owns "It" [Free choice aspect] Doing It the Old FashionedWay [Crossing paths 1] That Tin Guy Wants a Heart [Crossing paths 2] 2 Cyber ears: Motion Detection; Cyberarm: Fingerprint Duplicator and Lockpicking Kit (1 module, hand); EMP Shielding, advanced Practically Unlocked (Once a session, you can defeat a security system with opposition of Fair (+2) or less without rolling or using your action for the exchange); Have You Tried Rebooting It? (By spending a fate point, you can cancel the effects of an aspect or consequence that represents broken equipment for a single scene); Panopticon (+2 to Investigate rolls to reproduce events that occurred at a given location at least 24 hours ago, by stitching together audio and video from easy-to-access sources, such as trafic cameras or publicly posted selfies)
Jane Mordread 2 2/3 * Ex-military Cyborg drone-addict;* "I'm OFF THE GRID for a reason";* A Dark (drama) Queen;* Nachetanya loves what she is, I don't; * [Blank] 2
  • Pre-built Average chassis aerial drone with: Advanced Optics; Redundant Systems I; Ravenlocke Securities PD9 Personal Defense Weapon; Average (+1) Stealth and Notice
  • Cyber-hand: Wall climbing
  • Martyr: When a vehicle you’re piloting is attacked, once you know the final shift value of the attack, you can choose to suffer the stress instead of your vehicle. If you’re inside the vehicle, you take physical stress; if you’re piloting the vehicle remotely, you take mental stress;
  • Night Terror: You can roll Stealth instead of Provoke to create an advantage related to fear by flitting in and out of the shadows, making scary noises, and so on;
  • Shoot It in the Eye: +2 to your Shoot rolls when creating an advantage on a drone or robot that represents the loss of one of its senses, such as video, audio, or motion detection;
  • Small-Unit Tactics: You’re experienced at using cover formations, covering fire, and room-clearing tactics with a squad. When you successfully create a situation aspect related to teamwork (Two By Two Cover Formation), it gets two free invokes rather than one. If you succeed with style, you also gain a boost.
Baby 3 4/3 * [High Concept] Human Bodyguard; *[Trouble] Be Nice (Until It's Time to Not Be Nice); * [Free choice]Nothing My Fist Can't Cure! 2 Cyberarm with Breaching System (+2 to Fight rolls to punch through obstacles and gives your unarmed attacks Weapon:1); Fight or Flight (Initiative steal on the first exchange of a conflict, and +2 to your first action in a conflict); Subdermal Armor (Gain the Subdermal Armor aspect. Can be invoked or compelled against you due to your reduced tactile sensitivity and flexibility.) Dodge This! You can tell where the bullets will go before the trigger is pulled. +2 to Athletics when using it to dodge gunfire; Pain Don't Hurt! Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether; My Fist, Your Face! Once per physical conflict, when you succeed on an unarmed attack, you may place the aspect Stunned on your opponent with one free invocation.
Sage 3 4/3 * Human 2.0 Zeek Info Broker * Man of Two Secrets * Need To Know * [Blank] * [Blank] 2 Data Carrier (Streetware); Emotional Resistance Response System (Streetware) Enhanced Ability (Telepathy); Multitasking (Telepathy); Peek- gives +2 to telepathy