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Main Page Notes and Story Record

Former operative of a group known as the Future Oversight Consortium (Focus for short) as a "forerunner," someone who worked to recruit, utilize, or steal ideas and information from top minds in technology that could shape the future. The operative came close to death and the consortium decided to place him in a medical coma and genetically engineer him into a Human 2.0.

When he revived, Sage had major qualms about what had been done to him, his former occupation and "transhumanism" in general. That, along with the discovery of his new psionic abilities, caused him to go on the run from the consortium and go underground, faking his death and assuming a new identity before resurfacing.

Stopwatch came into being thanks to information that Focus was able to uncover regarding “security technologies and systems.” Focus wanted Stopwatch under its control, but instead, the organization fell under its own control or the control of a higher organization that Focus considers “competitive.”


  • Refresh: 3
  • Initiative Steals: 0
  • Strain/Tolerance: 2/8
  • Fire Wall: 0

Stress and Consequences[edit]

Physical Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]


Resource Stress: [x] [X]


Unspent Payments: 0


  • Great (+4): Telepathy
  • Good (+3): Contacts, Investigate
  • Fair (+2): Deceive, Empathy, Rapport
  • Average (+1): Fight, Resources, Shoot, Will


  • [High Concept] Human 2.0 Zeek Info Broker
  • [Trouble] Man of Two Secrets
  • [Free choice] Need To Know
  • [blank]
  • [Blank]

Occupation Perk: Info Broker:

  • Invoke: Information is power, and you are very experienced at rooting it out, letting you invoke your occupation when you are obtaining information from any source. You have a complex web of favors and rivalries with other information brokers, so you can invoke when you are negotiating with others in the same occupation.
  • Hostile Invoke: If someone has a really juicy piece of information they know you want, they can invoke your occupation because of your eagerness for new data. Other information brokers that are part of your web of contacts can also invoke this, as can anyone who is trying to persuade you to take a risk of you might get valuable information as a consequence.
  • Compel: The information you obtain might turn out to be dangerously sensitive, leading to shadowy visits in the night or other hazards. You might be betrayed by another info broker or have dangerous people come knocking at your door to find out what you know -or can find out- on a given topic. You might feel compelled to risk yourself or others for valuable information or to withhold necessary information because doing so will increase its value.

Occupation Perk: You have the right contacts to sell information at the highest price. The payment you receive after negotiations is always one step higher than what you were originally offered.


  • (Enhanced Ability - Telepathy) - When you succeed at a cost with this power, reduce the stress you take by one shift.
  • (Multitasking - Telepathy) - You can sustain this ability without affecting your ability to do other things. Sustained psychic aspects you created with this power can't be invoked or compelled against you to represent my distracting mental effort.
  • (Peek) - Gives +2 to telepathy.


Executive Decision Business Suit, Executive Decision Anti-Flash Sunglasses, Black Knight Industries Stiletto Pistol

Augments: Data Carrier (Streetware), Emotional Resistance Response System (Streetware)


  • Weapons: Black Knight Industries Stiletto Pistol
  • T-Apps: Firewall 4th Dimension Security T-APP, Babylon T-APP, Digital Diplomat T-APP, Emergency Message T-APP
  • Utility: ---
  • Consumable: 2 extra pistol magazines