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Byzantium: Nightmares Undreamed Of


Chaotic Shadowsneak 2 (XP: 2 of 3 milestones)

Appearance: Amata is a whip-thin former street rat, dressed in mismatched, well-worn clothing likely pilfered from those more well-to-do than her at some point. Her slight stature indicates former malnourishment, but the fire in her dark eyes shows she is not some wastrel to be cast aside like human refuse.

Motivation: Amata is driven to show that she can survive on her own, independent of the structure of servitude that she was born into.


Primary Attributes: Dexterity and Willpower

Charisma Dexterity Ferocity Health Intelligence Willpower Social Class
11 13 11 11 13 12 08

A Slave to My Birth[edit]

Amata is the illegitimate child of the son of one of the Star Ambassadors and a kitchen slave. She ran away from home as soon as she was old enough to understand what slavery was and has lived her life on the streets ever since.

Agent of Change, One Step at a Time[edit]

Amata is driven to destroying hierarchy in almost any place she encounters it. She fervently wishes for a world where people are judged based on who they are rather than who their family or friends are.

The Stars Know My Name[edit]

Though Amata would dearly love to reject her heritage in full, she is descended, at least in part, from beings from another world. The stars call to her and sometimes she finds herself helpless to avoid answering to at least some degree. The unread book that she carries contains the family history of her Star Ambassador father; one she can't bear to look through or understand.


  • Hit Die d6
  • Initiative: +1
  • Speed: 8
  • AC: 13
  • Disposition: 6
  • Psychic Armor: 5


  • sword attack +0 to hit
  • dagger attack +0 to hit


You can’t use your special abilities while wearing a suit of plate or while you are encumbered due to your equipment. If you are encumbered due to treasure, however, you may use your powers normally.


Shadowsneaks are skilled at climbing, hiding, moving silently and stealthily, palming objects, picking locks, and picking pockets, as well as knowledge of one or more magical disciplines, which might include the ability to read and write. Or it might not. When you use one of these skills in a risky manner, if you have the proper tools (darkness, lock picks, rope, etc), you must roll equal to or lower than your Dexterity or Intelligence score on a d20 to successfully perform your task. If you lack the proper tools but have something that might work instead, you may still succeed if you roll equal to or lower half your attribute score, rounded down, on a d20 to be successful. The GM will tell you which attribute to roll against.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • You get 1 shadow power per level, plus shadow powers equal to your Willpower modifier. If the total of your level and modifier is less than 1, you have no shadow powers.
  • You have mastery of 1 spell per level, plus additional spells equal to your Dexterity modifier. If the total of your level and modifier is less than 1, you have mastery over no spells. When you cast a spell that you have mastered, roll against your Dexterity score instead of your Intelligence in order to control it. You can memorize a number of spells equal to your level plus your Dexterity modifier (not your Intelligence modifier).
  • For each spell you have mastered, you may choose to roll on the full table, or on the sub-table for one of the following schools: Correspondences, Darkness, Enchantment, Entropy, or Illusion.

In addition to spells, shadowsneaks get a number of unique special powers both mystical and stealthy, all the better to aid them in getting into, and out of, trouble.

Cloak of Shadows[edit]

You may lose 1 point of Willpower in order to turn invisible, along with whatever you are wearing and all that you carry. This lasts 1 turn (5-10 minutes) or until you attack someone or cast a spell that affects someone else. A spell that affects no one other than yourself does not end the invisibility.

Cloud Mind[edit]

When you activate this power against a target you can sense, lose 1 point of Willpower, then roll a d20 and add both your level and your Dexterity modifier. If your total is equal to or greater than your target’s Intelligence score, choose an effect:

• They are stunned for 1d6 rounds or until they are attacked.

• They fail to notice your presence as long as you concentrate and refrain from interacting with them in any way.


Star Ambassador
You may lose 1 point of Willpower in order to receive a vision of the immediate future when you are faced with a relatively simple choice or decision to make. The vision shows you the most likely result of the next few minutes. If you witness your death in this vision, you lose an additional 1d4 points of Willpower.

Psychic Armour[edit]

Star Ambassador
You have Psychic Armour. Roll a number of d3s (instead of your Hit Dice) equal to your level and add them together to determine your Psychic Armour score. You are not required to re-roll this score when you take a rest, but you may, if you like.


using spell corruption rules instead of memorization

  • Star Ambassador Blood
  • Spells
    • Call to Hand, L1 Correspondences/Manipulation spell | Range: Senses | Duration: Instant | Effect: 1 item - This spell causes an object you can see, hear, or touch to fly through the air into your grasp. The object must be something that can fit into your hand that is not attached to something else. If someone is holding the object, they lose their grip on it. Variations: • Level 4. The target item may be of any size.
    • Slow, L3 Correspondences/Entropy spell | Range: Senses | Duration: 1 turn per CL | Effect: 1 creature per CL - For the duration of this spell, target creatures that you can see, hear, or touch move at half speed (round down) and make half as many attacks as normal. Variations: • Lazy Shuffle: Level 2. Target can make as many attacks as normal but cannot move faster than a languid walking pace (Speed 2). Their initiative is not affected.
    • Enfeeblement, L2 Entropy spell | Range: Senses | Duration: 1d6 + CL rounds | Effect: 1 creature or 1 creature per CL - This spell either reduces the Ferocity score of one target you can see, hear, or touch by 2d6 points, or it reduces the Ferocity score of more targets by 1d6 points each. Anyone whose Ferocity score is reduced to zero by this spell become too weak to move, but does not die. When the spell’s duration is over, these points are regained instantly. Variations: • Level 1. Effect: 1 creature. The target creature’s Ferocity is reduced by 1d6. • Level 4. Duration: 1 turn per caster level. • Level 7. This spell reduces both Dexterity and Ferocity by the same amount.


Key: (t)-tiny item, (s)-small encumbering, (r)-regular encumbering, (#)-value of item encumbrance Limits: Encumbering Items: 4/4 | Small Items 9/11


  • Worn
    • finely-tailored Light Armor (r)
    • dagger (s)
    • sword (r)
    • tattooed spellbook
    • lantern (r)
    • 50' rope
  • Shoulderbag (r)
    • thieves' tools (s)
    • a stolen bag of coins worth 20 cyphers
    • healing potion that will restore 1d8 points of lost Health and allow you to re-roll your Disposition when consumed (s)
    • 5 letters that you find hard to read (t)
    • large sack (t)
    • book you can't read, made of cloth, containing the family history of your Star Ambassador father (s)
    • Illuminating Index of Ebony Apprehension, a book of drawings on thin, supple stone. It's heavy. Seems hard to break. It was written by a survivor from an exodus away from a flood of 'monsters' that overran their homeland.
    • flask of oil, 3 (s)
    • Indubitable Book of Leaden Experience, written on a paper sculpting. It's the most delicate thing, and incredibly fragile. It was written by an alien sage scribing truths for its apprentice. (s)
    • lightning orb + control orb
  • Coinpurse
    • 188 cyphers

Special Moves[edit]

The Curse of Endless Pursuit[edit]

Unless you keep moving, the nightmares catch up with you. Once you have slept twice in the same place, you can no longer fall asleep there again. Any attempt you make to rest in that location fails. Changing rooms allows you to stay in the same house, until you have run out of rooms, but larger conceptual locations, like forests and fields, will cause you more problems.


1 remaining, might be one associated with the rough-and-tumble streets of the City of Dirt

Craftwork Intuition[edit]

Amata has intimate knowledge of the function of locks and keys (see Craftwork Intuition spell).