Byzantium: Nightmares Undreamed Of

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Amata, Shadowsneak, Spells 3/3, Init +1, Speed 8, AC 13, Disposition 9/9 | Willpower 9/12, Psychic Armor 4/4, sword attack +0, dagger attack +0, Precognition
  • Trystane Lyandre, Champion of Good, Init +1, Speed 8, AC 13, Disposition 10/10 now (14/15 future) | Willpower 8/9, baton attack +2, dagger attack +2, shortbow attack +3
  • Caldwell Ulverman, Cultist of Yuhannah, Init -1, Speed 8, AC 13, Disposition 11/11, battleaxe +2, dagger +2, throwing knives +1 (10 yard range)

Keas Forgetender

NPC Squad Members[edit]

  • Stanles Lear, Spellslinger, Spells 4/4, Init +2, Speed 8, AC 14, Disposition 8/8, Psychic Armor 5/5, rapier attack +0, Pistol attack, Wizard Sword attack +3 with 2d4+1 damage, Imbuement: Aura of Deadliness

Sample Byzantium Character Sheet

Characters Lost in Nightmare

Name Align Profession Hit Die Cha Dex Fer Hlth Int Will Social Class Motivation Background Defining Aspect Secret
Amata Chaotic Shadowsneak d6 11 13 11 11 13 12 08 defiant survival A Slave to My Birth Agent of Change, One Step at a Time The Stars Know My Name
Trystane Lyandre Good Champion d8 16 13 11 16 13 09 09 outsider/absolution Faith and Service Light Lost in Darkness Seeking Redemption, But
Caldwell Ulverman Neutral Cultist d6 09 06 10 10 12 15 09 uncover Enigmas Theosophical Bookhound Argent Key of Yuhannah Yuhannah the Unrevealed
Stanles Lear Neutral Spellslinger d6 10 17 11 11 13 05 16 professionally hated State-Sponsored War Wizard Spells and Pistols at Sunrise No/Accident / Sober/Once
Name Resentment Institution
Amata 0
Trystane 0
Caldwell 2
Stanles 1
Name Housing Rent last rent paid
Amata Living Poorly (run-down inn + street food) 10c/week
Trystane Living Poorly (run-down inn + street food) 10c/week
Caldwell Living Well, apartment above his father's bookstore (now belonging to Theosophical Society) 25c/week
Stanles Living like the rich, The Wyvern Duke's Palace Inn 100c/week Week 1 paid



  • Iron Helmet
  • Copper Scroll
    • The Poisoned Well
  • Blue Chimes
    • The House of Favor, Carnegie Solomon's place
  • Grey Slippers
    • Squire's Amulet, a section of the Grey Slippers district where a number of sages have stalls
  • Swordwine: Thirsty Knife is the local vernacular for the Swordwine District, a mercantile quarter edging up on the wealthier parts of town. Its markets are frequented by those both with and without much coin, seeking its specialized wares. Thirsty Knife could mean the entire market, or just the seedier end of it, where the thirst of local's knives does sometimes get sated.
  • Green Mirrors, an affluent section of town known for its many parks and ponds
    • Ren's manor



  • Ghazil Khan | post | description | A not unimportant minor vassal of the Duchess of the Three Winds. Baronet of something, though he prefers the Eastern titles. Something to do with ships and artichokes, that delicacy within the City.
  • Cypress' Master | first appearance | She's wearing her human form today, her black hair long now, almost to her waist. It's pretty. She's always pretty, even when she's not human.
  • Ensi the Bloodhound | first appearance | redheaded bard in tooled leathers of cream and burgundy, overly fond of her spyglass. New on the scene. Full of herself. Not much sense.
  • Mudaris Arshan Hayati | first appearance | a mystic, former instructor at the University. Older, copper-skinned. Has a reputation as a legendary old-timer. Supposed to be a mentor to other Hunters, and very hard to find.
  • Kashif Anwar Mualidi | first appearance | silk-trader, weaponsmith, assassin who's been around for a bit. Self-destructive peacock. Ivory-skinned and haired, with pink bloodshot eyes. Sharpened metal for fingernails.
  • Mozhmarshad the Obscured, the Speaker of Truth | first appearance | in Squire's Amulet, a section of the Grey Slippers district where a number of sages have stalls

Rumors and Leads[edit]

Notable Posts[edit]

House Rules[edit]


  • Players who lack any 13s or better in the starting attribute array for their character may either swap one set of attributes (per normal) or advance one of their Primary Attributes to 13.


You each start play with a number of Contacts = 1 + CHA modifier (negative modifiers result in bonus Contacts automatically beginning on the lower end of the Reaction table). You can declare your unused Contacts at any time during play. You will have the opportunity to make additional Contacts in play, and can make a Between Adventures move in some extended downtime situations to generate more open Contacts if your current open Contacts are exhausted. When you activate a Contact, I'll roll against the Reaction and Seeing a Man About a Dog tables (TNU 137-138) to determine their current opinion of you and their ability to render the aid you desire. (With the exception that free Contacts generated by negative CHA will at best have a neutral Reaction).


Per this OOC post, this revision replaces the Dodging text on TNU p. 221.

You may choose to dodge all incoming attacks instead of taking offensive action. You must declare this on your own action or the first time you are attacked in the round. While dodging, opponents use Disadvantage against your Dexterity score instead of attacking your Armour rating as their target number when rolling for attacks. If you declare that you are dodging during your action, you may also move. If you declare you are dodging before your turn in the initiative order, you may not do anything on your turn. Dodging counts for all attacks during the round.

Dodging also makes it harder for enemies to throw things at you, but counts the same as any other movement where firearms are concerned.

You cannot dodge if you are encumbered, or if you are wearing heavy armour.


Backpacks take up one of the encumbering item slots, grant a free encumbering item slot, and can carry up to your allowed encumbrance. e.g. A backpack takes up an encumbering item slot, but you could carry a musical instrument inside it for free, all of your small items, and another three encumbering items (assuming you don't have any other encumbering items).


Variations are a new feature in The Nameless Grimoire. I'll be treating Variations as a variation on the spell that can be cast spontaneously, if the spell is mastered and memorized.

Imbuements: You may select one spell you have mastered, and receive a narrative effect for possessing mastery in it that we negotiate. So, for instance, selecting Open as your Imbuement might mean that your character can always open small, unlocked containers within 10' of them with the motion of a finger. Selecting Perfect Orientation might mean that your character can always orient to true north and the direction 'up'. Characters will have the opportunity to acquire additional Imbuements, both as a result of attaining new specific levels and through narrative devices.

You've the option for selecting to use Spell Corruption rules instead of the Vancian spell memorization from the published rules. Johnstone Metzger has posted this variant on Google+.

I'll be introducing additional Spell Personalization customizations from the game's author as we progress in play.

Hanging Ritual Spells