Calhar Redwool

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Calhar Redwool[edit]

Age (Gender): 27 (male)
Homeland: Argos
Caste (Trait): Herder (Vengeful)
Caste Story: Raiders
Archetype: Mercenary
Nature/Education: Wrathful/Family Footsteps
War Story: Shipwrecked
Social Standing: 1
Renown: 0

Appearance: Tall, broad shouldered, auburn hair and beard
Personality: A generally cold and grim disposition, hot-blooded when avenging wrongs
Languages: Argossean, +1

Fortune Points: 3



Bonus Damage: Ranged +0 | Melee +2 | Presence +0


  • Unarmed: Reach 1, Damage 2 CD, Qualities Improvised, Stun, Knockdown
  • Sword: Reach 2, Grip right, Size 1H, Damage 4 CD, Qualities (Knockdown, Parrying)
  • Pike: Reach 4, Grip right, Unwieldy, Damage 4 CD, Qualities (Knockdown, Piercing 2)
  • Battleaxe: Reach 2, Grip right, Unbalanced, Damage 4 CD, Qualities (Intense, Knockdown, Vicious 1)
  • Sling: Range M, Grip right, Size 1H, Damage 3 CD, Qualities (Stun, Volley), Loads 1

Weapon Qualities

  • Improvised: This item is not designed as a weapon but can be used as such in an impromptu manner. It could be a heavy rock, a wooden torch, or a thick leg bone. When damage is rolled with this weapon, it does not score damage when an Effect is rolled. It is possible for an item to have both the Improvised and Vicious Qualities, cancelling out their effects, but both will be noted in case some factor causes the attack to increase its Vicious Quality, or to lose Improvised.
  • Knockdown: The attack knocks the target prone if one or more Effects are rolled. The target may ignore this if they add 1 Doom for each Effect rolled, or in the case of non-player characters, at the cost of 1 Doom per Effect rolled.
  • Intense: If an Intense attack inflicts one or more Harms upon the target, then it inflicts one additional Harm.
  • Parrying: When wielding one or more weapons with this Quality, the Doom cost of making a Defend or Protect Reaction with the Parry skill is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0.
  • Piercing: This attack ignores X points of the target's total Soak for each Effect rolled.
  • Stun: The attack inflicts the Staggered condition (see page 126) on the target, if one or more Effects are rolled. The condition lasts until the end of the target's next turn. The target may ignore this at the cost of 1 point of Doom for each Effect rolled.
  • Vicious: An attack with this Quality inflicts X additional damage for each Effect rolled.
  • Volley: This ranged weapon can be used quickly, allowing the wielder to unleash volleys of projectiles. Thus, wielders often carry bundles of ammunition (arrows, bolts, etc.). An attack with a Volley weapon does not expend any Shots; the user has enough ammunition to last the fight, barring Complications. Further, a Load of ammunition can be spent to perform a Volley, adding a bonus d20 to Ranged Weapons tests to attack, and +1 CD to the weapon's damage if the attack hits. Loads may also be lost as the result of a Complication. After a fight, spent Loads can be recovered in the same way as Shots.

Stress & Harm
Vigor: 12/12 | Wounds:
Resolve: 9/9 | Trauma:

Courage Soak: 0
Armor Soak (Brigandine long coat and helmet): Head 3, Right Arm 2, Left Arm 2, Torso 2, Right Leg 2, Left Leg 2
Armor Qualities: Helmet-heavy


Agility: 14

  • Acrobatics: 2/2
  • Melee: 1/1
  • Stealth: 1/1

Awareness: 7

  • Insight:
  • Observation: 2/2
  • Survival: 1/1
  • Thievery: 1/1

Brawn: 10

  • Athletics: 4/4
  • Resistance: 2/2

Coordination: 9

  • Parry: 2/2
  • Ranged Weapons: 2/2
  • Sailing: 1/1

Intelligence: 7

  • Alchemy:
  • Craft: 1/1
  • Healing: 1/1
  • Linguistics:
  • Lore:
  • Warfare:

Personality: 7

  • Animal Handling: 2/2
  • Command:
  • Counsel:
  • Persuade: 1/1
  • Society:

Willpower: 8

  • Discipline: 1/1
  • Sorcery:


  • Ancient Bloodline: You are obviously descended from one of the great fallen civilizations, peoples whose physical and mental attributes were greater than those of the folk of the Hyborian Age. Though the root stock is Hyborian, the bloodline of the folk of Argos has blended with an influx from Shem, Zingara, and even Stygia, inheriting ancestral traits from those ancient bloodlines. When this talent becomes active, the Argossean feels a strong sense of competition with others, a desire to get the better of any negotiation, no matter what the cost. Whenever you fail a Personality test, pay the GM 1 Doom and add +1d20 to your test (unless you already gained +3d20). It is recommended that the GM use Doom points gained in this manner to harden the hearts of nearby non-player characters capable of witnessing the interaction, strengthening their resolve, manifesting itself in ancient hatred and fear against these long-forgotten foes of their race. If this is not appropriate as a result, it can be ignored and the Doom points spent as the GM sees fit.
  • Sea Raider (Argos): The Difficulty of all Sailing tests made in your homeland’s waters and of Athletics tests related to swimming are reduced by 1.
  • Sentry (Herder Caste): You learned at a young age that the watchful eye subsists on little rest. So long as you have had a total of four hours of sleep within the last two days (either one four-hour stretch or multiple short rests), you suffer no penalties for sleep deprivation when making Observation tests.
  • Subject (Herder Caste): You are a subject in good standing to a lord or king. While subject to their laws, the taxes you face are much less than the more expensive taxes others experience. Whenever you pay Upkeep within your homeland, you can reduce the amount of Gold the Upkeep costs by one.
  • No Mercy (Melee Tier 1): When making a Melee attack, you may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the total number of Melee talents (and ranks in those talents) you have acquired, if desired. You must accept the results of the re-rolls.
  • Strong Back (Athletics Tier 1): You are a magnificent example of human physical prowess, all-too-frequently abused for this ability. For any Athletics test that generates at least one success, you generate one additional success for each rank of Strong Back. Further, your Encumbrance limit is increased by 1 for each rank of Strong Back.
  • Might (Athletics Tier 2): You are able to perform feats of strength that seem at odds with your physique, due to a combination of training and expertise. On any test to lift or move an inanimate object, you may roll a number of bonus d20s equal to your ranks in Might, though the normal limit of three bonus d20s still applies.
  • Pugilist (Athletics Tier 3): You can add the Knockdown quality to all melee attacks.


  • Brigandine long coat
  • helmet
  • pike
  • battleaxe
  • my former master’s sword (aunt)
  • sling with load of stones
  • cheap riding horse
  • deerskin leggings
  • a heavy hooded cloak

Gold: 7 | Upkeep: 4 Encumbrance: 11

Character Story[edit]

A humble shepherd boy, known for singing beneath the starlight in his younger days. Calhar’s people were a small tribe of sheep herders living simple lives beyond the glittering coastal cities. They were meager of means but rich in humble pride.

Then the raiders came.

One night his entire world went up in steel and flame. The animals and the people were stolen or slaughtered in kind. A sobbing young Calhar tried to staunch his parents’ bleeding wounds with handfuls of wool they had sheared together. But his aunt tore him away from those vain attempts to save the dead and they escaped into the night along with a handful of others. Survival became their trade, finding refuge and sustenance wherever they might. His aunt Eliar was hardy and determined, his rock in those stormy years. But the young Calhar was no longer the soft young man of those calm nights. Violence had awoken something deep in his blood.

As the years passed he has hardened into a fighting man, a sellsword worth his fee. Calhar Redwool only sings songs of battle now, howls of victory beneath red moons. Never again will he be counted among the sheep - he has the eyes of the wolf.