Carthago Delenda Est

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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

Growing up in a big city, the precocious son of parents with a toehold in the middle class both fresh and precarious, Carthago set out to make something of himself. Tragically, his character is profoundly and unalterably lopsided, and he has never been able to find the easy self assurance of wealthy clods who lack the tenth part of his natural gifts. Brutal early experience of unrequited love was a harsh school, and he chose his career with one eye open to the promise of mesmerising charm. Rigorous study and practice has made him the master of bending others to his will, but he has yet to find another who inclines naturally in his direction. Despite the sting of this truth, Carthago has a good heart: if in speech he seldom strikes a true note, he always hopes by action to show a humble, brave and well-meaning soul. In the present environment he hopes to find a prominent role to play in some great civic-minded deed, so that he can at last win the general approval that he craves.

Sorceror 1

STR 10
INT 18
CON 11

HP 3
AC 9
MV 9"

Skill Cast +1
Linguist +0 (assuming this is a specialist skill that would help him act as a translator/ interpreter)?

Spells Charm Person, Shield (TBC)?

1 Rucksack & Contents
0 Classic blue robes and dark grey cloak
1 Sword
1 Spear
1 Dagger
1 Lantern
5 ENC (light burden)