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The Castle is the center of the realm of Amber. It was begun in the early days before the foundation of the kingdom by Oberon.

It is massive on a scale shocking to most visitors. It has an elegant appearance but is designed using castle theory for both appearance and defense.

As is understood in feudal societies, the higher up in the castle one is the greater. The pictured Castle is the Postcard version of the central part of the castle. Lower structures of great magnificence ring the central hub on three sides, with the east side flat facing down the cliff edge to the beach. The Eastern Wall, including the Sea View Gardens, is the furthest point east in the region of Amber.

Castle amber1.jpg

The above image is the upper part of the business part of the castle. Extensive wings spread in all directions from this section of the great construction.

  • Location 1 is the Arrival Courtyard or the Attendance Ward. This is a massive area for the arrival of great trains of wagons and guests. Like a giant Caravansary with open grounds, stables, merchant quarters, and a large number of inns for the housing of attendants and subjects of arriving guests that do not rate quarters above the Lower Ward. Caravan guards, camp followers, grooms, and the like,
  • Location 2 is the inner courtyard or Lower Ward. This is where the Trump of Amber delivers one. Trumps do not generally work to other locations within the Castle with the exception of Sea View Gardens. the Lower Ward includes medical facilities, prison cells, kitchens, armories, and barracks for Lower Ward Elites. There are administrative offices as well as residences and quarters for those having business with the Court.

  • Locations 7 to 10 are Jointly Called the Noble Quarters. These are buildings and yards that serve the ancient allies of Amber such as Rebma, Thalusia, Diega, and sections of the Empire of Amber.
  • Location 11 is the Barracks of the Amber Elite Guard. The courtyard in front is a constant hive of activity. Often unofficially called the Elite Ward.
  • Location 13 is a fairly small but centrally located Chapel of the Unicorn.
  • Location 15 is the Sea View Gardens. Inside is Flora's quarters and the kitchens that serve Sea View Gardens.
  • Locations 14 to 20 are in the Crown Square. This is the main section of the Castle which includes the Throne Room, Library, Royal Family Quarters