Great Library of Amber

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The Great Library of Amber is like many of the other spaces in the Castle that Change from time to time, and has a disconcerting amount of space in defiance of a practical examination.

The main entrance is on the interior of the Crown Square of Castle Amber(Location 19)

Jeweled Amber


Arch Hall Stacks.jpg East Fireplace.jpg Arloxedras niche.jpg
Arch hall Stacks East Fireplace Nook and the Astrolat Globe Arloxedra's Niche (Unofficially)
Fauna Stacks.jpg Heraldic Reading Room.jpg North Copy Room.jpg
Fauna Stacks Room and Taxidermy Displays Heraldic Reading Room North Copy Room
Travel Guide Stacks.jpg West Tall Stacks.jpg Green Chair Nook.jpg
Travel Guide Stacks West Hall Stacks Green Chair Nook
Lending Station.jpg South Reading Stacks.jpg Restricted Sorcery Stacks.jpg
Main Lending Station South Reading Stacks Law books and official documents from Shadows. Restricted Sorcery Stacks

Arlo At Play.jpg Arloxedra Reaing.

Ciprian Vitalijus doing research.jpg Ciprian Vitalijus doing research. Portrait by Dart of Hale