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This category covers Ars Magica 5th Edition characters that have been created with the potential of playing in a game. The idea is that anyone wishing to run such a game can invite the players of these characters to play in a particular game. As such, character pages should include a method for contacting the player. Ideally this will be a link to a forum user page.

To include a character in this category simply add a [[Category:Ars_Magica_characters_in_need_of_a_PbP_game]] tag at the top of the character page. Once the character finds a game it will be removed from this category and added to a category for the individual saga.

The hope is that by posting the characters it may inspire potential GMs to run a game given the ideas presented in the character concepts.

Excel Sheets[edit]

In order to assist with this process, Excel spreadsheets have been created for 2007(used by author) and 2003(untested). Fill in the white sections on the sheets - there are totals and comments to assist. Click "Copy to Wiki" and paste into a new Wiki page.

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