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Centurions Assembled[edit]

Centurions Assembled is a PBP run by Rip Van Mason, who graciously responded to an Interest thread spawned by Argent. This page is under construction.

The setup[edit]

The Century Club - home to the bravest and the brightest, the heroes of the modern world and beyond! Its´ membership changes with the times, but there will always be Centurions to step up as the champions of humanity! This is the story of the latest generation of members - a group that encompasses individuals from differing nations, peoples, worlds - even times! Herein, we will chronicle their adventures as they face dangers beyond the ken of common men!


The In-Character Thread, where the actual roleplaying will occur.

The Out Of Character Thread, where the mechanics and various OOC issues are dealt with... **permanently**.

The Interest thread that started it all. You can see how the game evolves and solidifies here, and personally I think that stuff´s interesting.

The Century Club[edit]

The Vox

The Black Mantis

La Maupin

Spring-Heel Jack

Professor Excelsior

Antonius, Prince of Mars