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Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan

Machinery and Data (2rd Edition)

Machinery and Data (3rd Edition) v1

Machinery and Data (3rd Edition) (last)


0/2 Deadly Wound 0/2 Serious 0/2 Surface


Attribute Value MPs Used
Aspect 2 10 0
Domain Machynery: 4
Data: 4
10 0
Persona 4 10 0
Treasure 0 10 0


  • "Skin of the machine": Ftiskaaaahk can create a new body with the limitations that the new body must be done of some matter type and can't be more that an Asian elephant big. Total= 4CP
  • "AG-Field ON!": Ftiskaaaahk use this gift to (mainly) hover in snail form and to fly when he acquire a body. Lesser creation of [antigravity device/wing/stratoreactor/something suitable to fly with the current body] used to fly. Total= 1CP
  • "Skin of steel" = Durant. Total 1CP

Bonds & Afflictions[edit]

  • Affliction: I live forever and don’t need to eat or drink but can be killed [3]
  • Bond: I’m curious! / I want to see what is after that corner again and again [3]
  • Bond: I love my dear Theresa as if she was his mum [2]
  • Bond: I love and care Gnomely [1]
  • Bond: Sometimes Conrad take over while in creation [1]
  • Bond: Ftisk try to retain control outside creation [1]
  • Affliction: I'm Vassa's son, Elias, Rochefort and ??? Are my brothers [2]

Skills & Passions[edit]

Passion Have fun [3]
Passion Complicate others life [2]
Skill Cool [5]
Shine [4]


Wild Oats (Key V) Key of Destiny Denied. (Heart +2 Shadow +0)
Wild Rose (Key XI) Key of Something Different. (Heart +3 Shadow +5)
Foundation: Just Plain Weird
Your estate: Machinery is from the light side of human experience.
Your estate: Machinery is something you can point to.
Your estate: Data is from the beautiful side of the world.
Your estate: Data is something you can describe.
Origins: You lived a Mechanical Snails life.
Life legacy: Completely inhuman.

  • Alien: Dollphaniel
  • Noble Friend: Brewnyr , my Familia Celestis’s brother

Affiliation: An independent song (1. From the old comes the new. 2. Never abandon your comrades or arms. 3. Never let anything stop you from your cause.)

About Machinery[edit]

Machinery covers any and each thing that is not sentient is made by 2 or more connected parts and can do a task. Be it a car, a gun, a wooden abacus or a plow these are all under Machinery.

  • A machine Must be made by a sentient being out of two or more pieces. [2]
    • 2 gears with connected cogs are a machine.
    • A gear with a rope and a bucket at the rope end is a machine.
  • A machine must be tangible. [1]
  • Machinery can't be sentient. [2]
    • A person, an AI, a wasp, a flower are not machines. The first 2 are sentient being, the flower is not sentient but is a single piece being.
  • Machinery tend to enhance someone abilities or grant new ones. [2]
    • A blender blend way faster that one person doing it himself manually, a car run quicker that someone on foot, a oven cook a meal that would have been cold otherwise.

-- chat excerpt 2011-09-09 --
<Angelo> RN, for Ftisk ( ) bonds&afflictions and Data definition are good that way?
<Random_Nerd> Let me see.
<Random_Nerd> "Origins: You lived a Mechanical Snail's life."
<Random_Nerd> Heh.
<Random_Nerd> Hmm.
<Random_Nerd> On "machines can't be sentient", does Ftisk not now count as a machine?
<Random_Nerd> Or Gnomely?
<Angelo> @RN: Gnomely was created with a change made and Ftisk definitely don't count as one
<Random_Nerd> But does Gnomely count as a machine now?
<Angelo> no, he is not a machine by the definition
<Random_Nerd> Okay.
<Random_Nerd> He used to be one, but isn't one any more, then?
<Random_Nerd> And the "a machine is an object" one, what do you see that as meaning in practice?
<Angelo> that can't exist a ephemeral machine, a machine must be made of things
<Angelo> like wood or electrical pieces or drain pipes
<Verithe> A machine must be tangible, not abstract?
<Angelo> yes Verithe
<Random_Nerd> Okay, "a machine must be tangible" works better for that.
<Random_Nerd> And... hmm, okay, so a computer program wouldn't be a machine?
<Angelo> ok I change the definition
<Angelo> no I see it as Data not machine
<Random_Nerd> Okay.
<Angelo> :-)
<Random_Nerd> And Data seems fine.
<Angelo> Super!
<Random_Nerd> I see you went with the Bond version of Conrad taking over.
<Angelo> Yep, less load on the HG
<Lazarus> Computer programs always seemed to me to be less machinery and more "procedures" or somethign like that that Vulcan probably also owns
<Random_Nerd> Well, I could see a version of Machinery that included them.
<Random_Nerd> Oh, one more question about machinery.
<Random_Nerd> Can machines be naturally occuring, under this definition?
<Angelo> on Gnomely I was under the convinction that making him with Machinery with a change that put it outside of machinery leave him in the machinery domain
<Random_Nerd> Or do they have to be made by a person?
<Angelo> uhm My idea is that they are purposefull made
<Random_Nerd> Hmm. You might want to devote a quality to that.
<Angelo> yes sound right
<Angelo> or change -A machine must be done by 2 or more pieces working together- to -A machine must be done by a being with 2 or more pieces working together-
<Angelo> would work?
<Random_Nerd> Hmm.
<Random_Nerd> "Must be made by a sentient being out of two or more pieces?"
<Angelo> cool!
<Random_Nerd> Okay, let's see.
<Random_Nerd> Anything else, before we start?
<Angelo> nope :-)

About Data[edit]

Data are stored information. Any type of information from a memory inside a mind to the code inside a microchip fall under this domain.

  • Data MUST be some kind of stored information. [2]
    • Info stored into a book, on an hard disk, on memories are all under Data.
    • A lost notebook, forgot by anyone with some informations in it fall into data.
  • Data shape being's decisions [2]
  • Data CAN'T be live. [2]
    • What someone is seeing, a video stream are not Data.
    • A plant is not a data
    • A file being written on an hard disk fall not under Data. A story being written on a book too doesn't fall under data.
  • Data TEND bring back feelings [1]

Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan