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Blessed Radiance of Loving Silk

Character in Once more with feeling, played by Ezekielreigns.
Former Name: Tyrion gens Karal
Concept:Self Absorbed World Priest

Appearance: Blessed Radiance has dark bronze skin and radiant, almost glowing, red hair. His eyes are brown and often seem to have red flecks in them. Fully embracing his heritage as a Chosen of the Sun he favors extravagant clothing of gold and white made of silken materials. He always has a smile on his lips and often has a drink in his hands.


Conquer Lookshy


  • Silveria Arc (Lunar Bond, True Love, Eternal Vow)
  • Promoting his Cult
  • Nuwa
  • Kitsune Princess
  • Great Forks


A soft warmth flows from his body as light emits from his body in the shape of a dove.


PHYSICAL: Strength 3 (6), Dexterity 5 (8), Stamina 4 (7)

SOCIAL: Charisma 5, Manipulation 4, Appearance 5 (9)

MENTAL: Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 4


Caste Abilities[edit]

  • Integrity: 5
  • Performance: 5 (Making people love him +3)
  • Presence: 5
  • Resistance: 2
  • Survival: 0

Favored Abilities[edit]

  • Martial Arts: 5 (Tiger Claw +3)
  • Athletics: 3
  • Dodge: 5
  • Bureaucracy: 4
  • Socialize: 5 (+2 Promoting Cult)
  • Lore: 1
  • Awareness: 1

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

  • Linguistics: 2 (Native: River-tongue, Old Realm, High Realm)
  • Investigation: 1


Manse 5: The Grand Cathedral of the Most Exaltant Blessed Radiance of Loving Silk Heartstone: Gem of Perfect Mobility

Radiance's Manse also doubles as the headquarters for his cult as well as his residence in Great Forks. It was originally outside of Creation but early on in his Exalted career it recognized him as the rebirth of it's original owner and returned to Creation. It's located in the Center of the Temple District supported by pillars sitting above the Palace of Three. Inside it more resembles a continuous party than a house of worship. The lower floors are dominated by pleasure areas each staffed with numerous servants. These courtesans will submit to any desire but request that a donation be made to the Church with it's amount depending on what is asked. While most attend the palace for drugs, sex, or violence there are areas devoted to meditation and learning as well.

In the unlikely situation that his manse is attacked it will be defended by a potent Guardian spirit Seraphina and a small army of divinely empowered warriors. When not defending the manse these warriors patrol the city. They substancial increase the potency of Greast Forks army but are uunable to venture far from the manse so they are only useful for defense. Seraphina spends most of her time however indulging in the many pleasures available at the manse. Using her ability to split into multiple beings means that she is often in more than one area at the same time. Time not spent lounging is used to craft weapons and armors for the soldiers of Great Forks.

It has the Manse Powers of Magical Convenience, Bound Servitor Force (Use stats for Tomescu), Bound Servitor Force (courtesans with stats of neomah minus their unique charm), Guardian (use stats of Second Circle Demon Alveua), Maintenance: 3, and Workshop Manse.


Artifact 3: Lover's Caress 6 or 12 motes to attune

Lover's Caress was originally a wedding gift from a Sidereal adviser to a Solar at his wedding to his Lunar mate and it shows. This ornately designed weapon appears more like jewelry than a weapon. It's interweaving orichalchum and starmetal designs are beautiful beyond imagining and the claws are tiny and appear blunt. In fact it requires a successful Perception + Awareness roll with an external penalty equal to the wielder's Manipulation score to notice that it's a weapon. The stats are the same for a normal razor claw weapon except it has the magical item bonus from orichalchum and starmetal and it gains the Piercing and Clinch keywords. Attuning to both materials cost double the mote cost.

Artifact 5 (10 motes):

Crown of Thunder

Artifact 3:

Orichalchum Resplendant Amulet

Artifact 2 (3 motes):

Orichalchum Lamellar Armour.

Lunar Bond 5: Though he has not met her, Silveria Arc is his soulmate.

Cult 4:

Blessed Radiance extols the concept of living life to the fullest. He insists that people put their all into everything they do whether it be making war or weaving cloth. You should strive to be the best at what you do and enjoy every moment to the fullest for that is the path to enlightenment. His cult more resembles the legions of fans a rock star may have than a normal religion. The cult is centered On Great Forks but he has worshipers in every nation in the Scavenger Lands except for Lookshy.

Followers 4

In addition to his cult, Radiance has a small army dedicated to him.

Ally 1

A fellow Exalt that heads his army and still resides in Great Forks.

Influence 4:

Great Forks and to a lesser extant some of the small nations in the Hundred Kingdoms

Many of the spirits in Great Forks remember being rules by Solars. When Radiance began exerting his influence they were initially opposed but his charm and insistence that he shared what they believed in for the city they were put at ease. He has no official capacity in the city beyond being the leader of a sizeable cult but his word holds more sway in the city than any but perhaps the Three.


Taboo Inflicting Diatribe

Spirit-Maintaining Maneuver

Sacrosant Soul Retribution

Heart Compelling Method

Infatuation-Gathering Idol Methodology

Husband Seducing Demon Dance

Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement

Worshipful Lackey Acquisition

Shadow Over Water

Seven Shadow Evasion

Solar Hero Style:

Fist of Iron Technique

Sledgehammer Fist Punch

Dragon Coil Technique

Solar Hero Form

Hammer on Iron Technique

Solar Hero Supremacy

Essence and Health[edit]

Essence: 5
Personal: 24
Peripheral: 56
Committed: 17

Health levels: 0,-1, -1,-2,-2, -4

Willpower and Mental Defenses[edit]


Mental Dodge DV: 9 (modified by difference in Appearance)

Mental Parry DV: 6 (modified by difference in Appearance)


Compassion: 5
Conviction: 4
Temperance: 1
Valor: 2

Limit Break[edit]

Red Rage of Compassion: All the suffering the character has seen fills her with an unquenchable rage. He immediately attacks the most obvious cause, without consideration for herself or the situation. The character's rage overcomes sense and reason. She is unlikely to perform even simple attacks such as putting down objects in her hands or drawing a weapon. However he does not suffer wound penalties in this state. Characters without obvious targets enter a terrible rage, moving erratically from area to area, smashing objects without consideration for alue and lashing out at anyone foolish enough to interfere.

Partial Control: The character must immediately attack any source of suffering, but she can apply his rage effectively, using weapons, Charms and spells normally. Without a nearby target, the character seeks out oppressors he has seen before and does not calm down intil he finds one. He will also attack anyone who attempts to stop him. He suffers normal wound penalties in this state.

Duration: One scene in combat or hours equal to Compassion out of combat

Limit Break Condition: The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.


Lover's Caress: Slash Speed 3, Accuracy 21, 11L, Rate: 4

PDV: 10 DDV: 10

Clinch Speed 3, Accuracy 21, 11L Rate:1

A finely crafted lyre

A finely crafted Harp

Orichalchum Lamellar Armor 13L/21B Hardness 6L/6B (unarmored 3L/7B)


Tyrion was born to the noble gens Karal family of Fire Aspected Dragon Bloods. Unfortunately for him he was born of a dalliance with a little god and was thus shunned. He and his mother were sent to the Great Forks embassy in what amounted to exile. Rather than becoming bitter his mother embraced the Immaculate philosophy believing that if her son could exalt and become the perfect soldier she would be able to return home.

Unfortunately for her, Tyrion couldn't be farther from what she wanted. As a youth he honed his skills by convincing those sent to guard or teach him into joining him in acts of debauchery. As he aged he grew bored at the ease at which he could convince people to do as he commanded he turned his attention to organizations. At first he merely assisted his mother (who was a great soldier but a horrible politician) behind the scenes. When she discovered his under the table dealings and threatened to disown him he turned his attention elsewhere. He went about setting up a cult devoted to himself. Even before his exaltation he had considerable sway and influence in Great Forks.

His exaltation only made things easier. Within a few paltry months after before a Solar he was running the entire city behind the scenes. Unfortunately for him he wasn't nearly as sneaky as he thought he was and eventually Lookshy became aware that the Blessed Radiance of Loving Silk was not a little god and was in fact a Solar. In order to stop a useless war from breaking out he fled the city.

Blessed Radiance is interviewed by E! (THe Exalted News Network)[edit]

How old are you?

Are you flirting with me? My age is unimportant. I assure you I am virile enough to satisfy any desires you may have.

What was your family life like?

My mother was a controlling hypocritical bitch, just like all dragonblooded. sighs and calms down. Next question.

Where are you from?

From the Magnificent City of Great Forks. It's the best place in all of Creation. It's got everything you'd ever want. Exotic women, drugs, great places of learning, art, exotic women. If every nation was like that the world would be a paradise.

How were you Exalted?

Funny story actually. So there was this terrible beast of a Raksha that was terrorizing Great Forks 10, 20 years ago. I'm put on guard duty and I'm totally slacking off, sitting in a corner smoking my pipe when she came out of the shadows. I thought she was going to kill me so I did what I always do when a woman's angry with me. I seduced her. That's when I exalted. Though of course at the time I didn't know that. You're asking, "what about the visions of the Unconquered Sun, right." Well just so you know it's not uncommon to have crazy visions while you're sleeping with a beautiful woman while coked out of your mind.

When did you meet your companions?

I've known Kitsune Princess for a long time. We're both from Great Forks and I ran into her at a party. We hit it off quickly. She reminded me of myself which is always a good thing. Before I had to flee the city I was contemplating marrying her. Mainly for political reasons but I could think of worse things than coming home to her every night. When I found out she was a Lunar I was overjoyed. I had heard snippets of information about Lunars and Solars being bonded together. I wouldn't mind bonding with her, if you know what I mean.

I met Solitary Talon when she outbid me for the purchase of that lovely Djala girl. I'm not used to paying for things anyway but she was as charming as I was and she had money. I didn't get too upset though. Watching her discipline her slave is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than anything I'd be doing with her.

I ran into Nuwa when I was already on my way to Nexus. We had a very entertaining duel, got all nice and sweaty. For some strange reason she rebuffed my offer to continue the duel in the bedroom. She occasionally tries to lecture me. I'm not sure what on. When it happens I just zone out and imagine her naked.

How has power changed you?

The only major change I can think of is the fact that for some strange reason a surprisingly large number of people want me dead.

What do you think of mortals?

They are just like us. Just less so. No offense intended of course. We're just better than them. Our bests are better and our brightest are brighter. Now that doesn't mean we need to go lording ourselves over them. That's not necessary. They'll just natural submit to our wills and our desires. In return we rule over them justly and fairly.

What motivates you to be a hero?

A hero, you ask. I may be many things, a great dancer, the best looking man you'll ever see, and the world's greatest lover but I'm not a hero. But that's not my purpose. My goal is inspire everyone everywhere to become heroes themselves.

What would drive you to commit murder?

Murder. Really, what kind of questions are these? I abhor violence. I've learned enough combat to defend myself but even then killing is such a waste. I find it much more convenient to explain to my enemies the errors of their ways.

Each Merit and Flaw[edit]

Signature Style (Alluring Grace) 1 point

Enchanting Features 4 points.

Carouser: 2

Flaws Enemy 3 (Lookshy) Known Anathema 2

Goals and Motivations[edit]

He wishes revenge on Lookshy for making him flee his city. He wishes for a bloodless overthrow but will not balk to using violence. He is contemplating excavating the ruined city of Denesdor to find either First Age War weapons or devices to help protect him from the weapons Lookshy has. He is currently looking for other Solars to help him with his goals. Until he is able to conquer the city he is content to sing and dance and have a good time. He has thousands of years after all.

First Age Incarnation[edit]

Blessed Radiance's first age incarnation was known as The Sagacious Scholar of the Sun. She was as wise as she was virtuous. A veteran of the Primordial War, she still felt empathy and compassion for her mortal subjects and that love was returned. She was a notable sorceress of her time and specialized in crafting wondrous and magical living creatures. During the High First Age when Solar excesses were at their height she urged her compatriots to control themselves or to find proper channels to focus their energies. She herself understand the boredom and malaise that came from being a Chosen of the Sun and each Calibration she relaxed her normal moral code and binged to every excess imaginable.

When the Usurption came she was not surprised. She had been expecting an uprising for some time now. She was however surprised at the effectiveness of it. She had hoped that the uprising would be quelled by her brothers and sisters but that the simple fact that the Terrestrials rose against them would have snapped some sense into them. When she realized this wasnt the case she gathered up her loyal Dragon Blooded soldiers (who were too enthralled by her to even comprehend betraying her) and used her magics to remove their Hun souls and combine it with elemental spirits to create powerful immortal warriors.

While in the process of binding them she was attacked by her own Sidereal adviser. After a long battle she defeated her. With one final act of compassion, and perhaps foolishness, she spared her life and let her escape. Later, when she found the corpse of her Lunar mate laying at the feet of her spared foe she realized her folly. Seeing the love of her life dead on the ground broke her mind and she used all of her magic to destroy the Sidereal. Even her death wasnt enough and she forced her Hun soul into a demonic entity she had created so that Sidereal would never know the rest of Lethe.

Having nothing left to live for she bound her warriors to her manse and sent it Elsewhere. She despaired of living and wanted nothing more than death. She hoped that her next incarnation would fare better in life than she. Holding the corpse of her beloved as an army of Dragon Bloods set itself against her, she let out all of her Essence in an uncontrolled pillar of fire that destroyed the army, her and the surrounding countryside for miles. This area of destruction would eventually form the shadowland that borders Great Forks.


Total: 8 Current: 0