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  • Year: RY 768
  • Month: Ascending Fire
  • Moon Phase Waxing


The Story So Far: A Summary[edit]

The Story So Far: A Summary

  • Game ended due to ST absence. A spin-off exists with Dawn of the Third Age, set 10 years after the events of Once More With Feeling.

House Rules[edit]

Character Generation House Rules
Anima Banner Changes
Gameplay and Other House Rules


Character Template

The Solars[edit]

Dawn Caste[edit]

Zenith Caste[edit]

Twilight Caste[edit]

Night Caste[edit]

Eclipse Caste[edit]

The Lunars[edit]

Full Moon Caste[edit]

Waxing Moon Caste[edit]

Waning Moon Caste[edit]

Half Moon Caste[edit]

No Moon Caste[edit]

Changing Moon Caste[edit]


The Sidereals[edit]

Chosen of Journeys[edit]

Chosen of Serenity[edit]

Chosen of Battles[edit]

Chosen of Secrets[edit]

Chosen of Endings[edit]

Potential Circlemembers and Allies[edit]



Circle Logs[edit]

Small Group Logs[edit]

Travelling to Denandsor[edit]

In Densandor[edit]

Prior to the Council Meeting[edit]

During the Council Meeting[edit]

After the first Council Meeting[edit]

After the second Council Meeting[edit]

Near Denandsor[edit]

Trip to the Imperial Manse[edit]


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  • Custom Charms - For Charms designed by our players and approved by the ST for use in game.
  • Custom Spells - For Spells designed by our players and approved by the ST for use in game.
  • Hundredfold Facets of Enlightenment (Plague of Hats Charm Compendium) - Featuring 164 Solar, 89 Abyssal, 72 Infernal, 80 Lunar, 39 Terrestrial and 29 Fair Folk Charms:

Articles like these put the cnsomuer in the driver seat-very important.


  • Loom 2.0 (Plague of Hats Sidereal Rewrite)
    • All charms contained within are pre-approved for use.
    • Incompatible with Loom 1.0 (MoEP: Sidereals) charms. Both charm sets are in play. Learning a Loom 1.0 charm prohibits the character from learning Loom 2.0 charms, and contrariwise.
    • Also incompatible with the five styles of the Houses Sidereal listed on the custom MA page. These five styles are considered part of Loom 1.0.
    • Latest Errata - Fixes to a lot of Sidereal Charms.


  • Latest Errata - Fixes to almost all of the Dragonblooded Charms including proper keywording.


  • Custom Artifacts - For Artifacts designed by our players and approved by the Storyteller for use in game.
  • Custom Hearthstones - For Hearthstones designed by our players and approved by the Storyteller for use in game.
  • Custom Manses - For Manses designed by our players but not necessarily approved by the Storyteller or in use yet. In fact feel free to steal them for your own characters if you like and add more.

Denandsor Council[edit]

Player information[edit]

  • Circle XP Table - Page to record everyone's XP.
  • Nominations Page to record nominations.
  • Player Timezones - With us occasionally using chat programs it is handy to know when other players are up and about thus I have recorded timezones for all the players and the ST in this handy reference.
  • Diagram of Characters - a diagram showing all PCs and NPCs (large image)