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Name: Ralis Bek Race: Miraluka
Class(s): Jedi (6) Jedi Knight (1) Destiny: Discovery: find my mentor, Embrul Kel-Dul.


Taken into the Jedi academy at a young age, Ralis (pronounced "Rally") was considered by others to be a promising and good jedi padawan. She and her master Embrul were a good match. For her seven years in the order Embrul became more of a parent figure in her life, everything depended upon his approval. Those feelings moved to adornment and then Embrul was gone. Nothing more, no news, she was only told he was gone, with no expectation of ever coming back. This didn't sit well with Ralis and she became distant with the order, angry at her new babysitter so-called mentor, and became disobedient. When the order offered to let her out with a free pass she left without looking back. Only looking forward to the day she could find Embrul again.


Calm on the outside, inside she is a boiling pot of mixed emotions mostly springing from her abandonment. Mostly anger and a deep overwhelming sense of abandonment with crippling depression.


She is of average height and average build. Brown shoulder length hair with long bangs and a long thin (padawan) braid that comes down just behind her right ear and extends to the middle of her back. When incognito she wears the braid wrapped around her head like a headband.

Session Notes[edit]


Strength 16 +3 Intelligence 18 +4 Fortitude 20 Speed 6
Dexterity 14 +2 Wisdom 14 +2 Reflex 20 Hit Points 106
Constitution 14 +2 Charisma 15 +2 Will 20 Attack +7


Skill Total Ability Trained Bonus Skill Total Ability Trained Bonus
Acrobatics 10 2 5 Climb 6 3
Deception 5 2 Endurance 10 2 5
Gather Information 5 2 Initiative 15 2 5 5
Jump 6 3 Knowledge: Any 7 4
Perception 10 2 5 Pilot 10 2 5
Ride 5 2 Stealth 5 2
Survival 5 2 Swim 6 3
Treat Injury 5 2 Use Computer 7 4
Use the Force 15 2 5 5


Feat Notes
Acrobatic Strike (Jedi) Make a successful tumble check and gain +5 attack
Armor Proficiency: Light (Soldier) Be able to wear light armor
Force Sensitivity (Racial) Able to use UTF as a trained skill
Force Training x3 (Racial)(Character) Train in force powers
Quick Draw (Jedi) Draw weapon as a swift action vs a standard action
Shake it off (Jedi) Use only 2 swift to move down the condition track
Skill Focus: UTF (Jedi) Gain +5 to UTF skill checks
Skill Focus: Initiative (Bonus) Gain +5 to Initiative checks
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber (Jedi) Use lightsaber without penalty
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapon (Jedi) Use simple weapons without penalty
Weapon Focus: Lightsaber (Character) Gain +1 to attack rolls with Lightsaber


Talent Tree Notes
Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Lightsaber Duelist Add +2 damage with lightsabers
Deflect Lightsaber Duelist Roll UTF as a reaction to a ranged attack
Greater Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Duelist Another +2 damage with lightsabers
Force Perception Force: Sense (Racial) Replace perception checks with UTF
Foresight Force: Sense Spend 1 FP to reroll initiative, keep the better.

Force Powers[edit]

Power Notes
Battle Strike
Force Drain
Mind Trick
Move Object
Negate Energy
Rebuke x3