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Ripe as Summer Fruit Waiting to be Plucked

Summer Fruit.png

Character in Once more with feeling, played by Meriss.
Caste: Night
Concept: Slave Girl with a Secret

A waif like young djala woman. She stands strongly without care despite her minimal attire. She seems ready to challange any notions anyone may have of her.


To Free the Slaves of Creation


  • Nexus
  • Freedom of Action


Anima Power
Night Caste: One mote surcharge, per charm, obvious or not, to prevent the motes spent from counting towards the Night's anima banner. The difficulty of the muting effect is equal to the Night's permanent essence AND cloaks the exalt from the eyes of heaven (Outside of Fate) for the duration.

Anima Appearence
Summer's Anima manifests as an eight foot tall shadowy masked figure which trails behind her. It seems to judge her every word and action. Strangely enough the figure is clothed in the colors of Saturn, the Maiden of endings. An eerie silence seems to surround the shadowy presence.


    • Strength 4
    • Dexterity 5
    • Stamina 5
    • Charisma 4
    • Manipulation 5
    • Appearance 5
    • Perception 4
    • Intelligence 4
    • Wits 5


Caste Abilities[edit]

  • Athletics 5
  • Awareness 4
  • Dodge 5
  • Larceny 4
  • Stealth 5

Favored Abilities[edit]

  • Martial Arts 3
  • Performance 5
    • Sitar 3
    • Song 4
    • Dance 3
  • Investigation 3
  • Linguistics 3
    • Riverspeak
    • Low Realm
    • High Realm
  • Socialize 5
  • Integrity 3
  • Medicine 3

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

  • Lore 1


Ally 3[edit]

Artifact 2 (Mask)[edit]

A rare and valuable First Age artefact that Summer Fruit stole from a Nexus collector, after she finished with him.

Artifact 3[edit]

  • Gauntlets of Distant Claws

These fingerless gauntlets of a dark alloy do not restrict manual dexterity in the slightest. There are three depressions on the metal of the back of the hand. The gauntlets always come in pairs and require four motes each to attune. Although the gauntlets do not look like weapons, a character wearing them may reflexively extrude three sharp steel claws from the depressions in the back of one gauntlet or both. These make fearsome weapons, add two dice to climbing rolls and may be retracted reflexively.

Alternately, the character may fire the central claw of either gauntlet as a projectile, which remains connected to the gauntlet by a thin, nearly unbreakable chain. These claws can serve as weapons or grappling hooks, striking with enough force to pierce armour or embed themselves in walls and ceilings. Retracting a fired claw is a reflexive action and occurs with great force. The character can cause the claw to release its grip and return; otherwise, either the object attached to the claw flies to the character or the character flies to the claw as the chain winds up, depending on which is better secured. Using this method to move rapidly counts as the character’s move action in a tick.

Melee stats

  • Spd 5
  • Acc +4
  • Dmg +5L
  • Def +2
  • Rate 3
  • Min Str •, Dex •••
  • Tags M

Ranged stats

  • Spd 5
  • Acc +2
  • Dmg 8L
  • Rate 1
  • Range 15
  • Min -
  • Tags F*, P*

Though not a flame weapon, the rules for flame weapons apply.

Summer swiped these rare artefacts from one of the Anathema’s tombs in Nexus. Only after evading about twenty traps and barely surviving to the second level. Apparently the ancient Twilight really didn’t like intruders.

Ally 1[edit]

  • Liberus - Small God of Freedom

Nexus with its Guild controlled slave trade is about the poorest place for Liberus to be. But he has little choice in the matter. The being is bound by an ancient pact with a Lawgiver which holds him to a small shrine. The same pact also makes it impossible for anyone to see the shrine unless they truly seek freedom. Liberus uses the shrine as sort of a home base for escapees and attempts to free slaves. It is also a minor Water aspected manse, Liberus refuses to discuss why this is so. He will often lend out the Hearthstone; a Freedom Stone.

Backing 2[edit]

  • The Silk Society

Summer is fairly well respected and beloved member of the Silk Society. On the surface they seem to be merely a group of well meaning people who are interested in getting the most out of their slaves. In reality they are dedicated to freeing and liberating a many slaves as possible. Summer often serves as their eyes and ears.

Manse 1[edit]

  • The Shrine of Liberus

Influence 1[edit]

  • Slaves

Summer is fairly well known among the slaves of the Bastion as a fine musician and expert courtesan. She is also known for her kind and loving demeanor, as well as her quick wit.



Graceful Crane Stance
Spider Foot Style


Keen Hearing and Touch Technique


Shadow over Water
Seven Shadow Evasion

Martial Arts[edit]

Demure Carp Feint
Lethal Paper Fan Attack


Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise
Flawless Pickpocketing Technique
Lock Opening Touch


Easily Overlooked Presence Method


Heart Compelling Attitude


Wild Revelry Approach
Mastery of Small Manners


Courtiers Eye Technique


Essence: 4
Personal: 20
Peripheral: 49
Committed: 13




Compassion: 2
Conviction: 4
Temperance: 1
Valor: 4

Limit Break[edit]

Foolhardy Contempt
The character knows no fear. She places herself in the forefront of battle, thoughtlessly challenges enemies to single combat, volunteers for all dangerous missions and won’t retreat under any circumstances.

Partial Control:
The character is without fear, but not without sense. She can retreat if tactically advisable and needn’t rush heedlessly into combat. However, she leads all charges and does not take personal risk into consideration when making plans.

Duration: One full day

Limit Break Condition: The character fights against losing odds, is challenged to single combat by a foe or otherwise has an opportunity to prove her bravery.


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Merits and Flaws[edit]

Each Merit and Flaw[edit]

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Goals and Motivations[edit]