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Character Sheets:[edit]

Current: <br\> Nexx Overdrive (01-22-08)

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Current: <br\> Things To Do In Seattle When You're Dead

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Background & History[edit]

Rob Michels was once a self-made man who managed to combine business with his love of racing as a freelance courier in the bustling streets of Seattle. With his top-notch (and risky) driving skills, Rob was fully capable of beating his competitors by offering impressive delivery times in a dicreet and professional manner. Rob also enjoyed making money by racing cross-country rallies for cash prizes.

His fateful moment was a particular delivery that turned his life around. Rob has a bad feeling in his gut as he took a job from a mysterious suit willing to pay a lot of money to make sure a package arrives at a specific time in the shady parts of town. Denying the job would be bad for business - he had no real choice to take it.

As luck would have it, a band of heavily armed thugs intercepted Rob en-route to the destination. He was used to this kind of thing, but something was very different, these guys were professionals. The thugs was able to take down Rob easily with their high-powered weapons and explosives. Whatever was in that package, it was very important to them.

With parts of his bike scattered across the highway, Rob laid torn and helpless with a dark figure, gun drawn, standing above him. Several shots rings out as Rob looks to his side only to see the dark figure laying beside him, staring blankly at him with dead eyes, to be saved by a local go-ganger group.

The go-ganers would not tolerate gunshots and explosions ringing through their highways without a cut. Not only that, they wouldn't let anyone harass a fellow biker. Rob was also very fortunate to be recognized by the sponsorship stickers proudly adorning his racing bike. Luckily for Rob, the go-gand leader, Mugface, happened to have won a generous sum of money in the underground sportsbook from Rob's latest placement in the latest race. Mugface felt a favor was owed, and anyways, nobody takes anyone down in his territory without his permission.

A favor indeed - the dead dark figure laying beside them was a notorious contract killer with a knack of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Rob soon realized that he was set up moments before he lay unconcious as the DocWagon arrives.

Rob barely survived the attack only to live through radical reconstructive surgery, cyberware/bioware implants, and a troublesome rehabilitation. With his insurance money gone, his business dwindles as his reputation remains shattered. Now Rob waits for his to pick up his commlink to make some money.