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Fixed Up[edit]

This is going to be my first attempt at running a chronicle style Shadowrun game. My goal is to leave the characters with a fairly open world, and a series of regular objectives to keep the characters on their toes and involved in the world. Shadowrun, like most games, is an episodic game and, hence, has a tendency to come to a screeching halt at the end of the run. At which point everyone says "well now what do we want to do?" Yeah, you can continue the current game, but honestly, how often does that happen and how often do you actually get to play the character again.

So, I shall attempt to break the shell and keep the characters constantly going. I will attempt to create a larger world using materials I possess and my own mind, and attempt to drop the characters into a more developed, constantly evolving world. And, hopefully, in the process not have an extreme phsychotic fit. The runners may not be constantly be embroiled in the quest for more money, but will instead have a number of scenarios with which to interact and develop, and maybe even profit by.

Also, like previous games I have been recently involved in, I encourage my players to become involved in the Wiki and provide character info, location descriptions, point of view stories about the last session, plot hooks, and other contributions which I will gladly award with Karma points. This is a good house rule that I find greatly improves player involvement and a I want to expand in a direction that interests the players and keeps the characters involved in their world.

On the Run[edit]

I will be including session notes for the players and myself with which to keep track of the action and character/plot development. If the players wish to leave in character accounts of their experience, I would highly encourage it, and will be awarding experience points for their contributions.

Inspired by Bill's 8 week episodes, I am making an attempt to keep this idea going, and will hopefully be following it up with a review from the players, at which point we'll determine to continue play or shift to something else.

Chapter I[edit]

Episode 1 Episode 4 Episode 7
Episode 2 Episode 5 Episode 8
Episode 3 Episode 6 Evaluation

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects[edit]

Player Characters[edit]

Nexx Overdrive The Transporter
Carlos Cortez Physical Adept Martial Artist
Validus(Deceased?) The L33t Hacker with a Criminal Record
Yuri Vladnikov Ex-Russian Mafia Hermetic mage
Mr. Bluesky (Deceased?) Chromed Social Adept
Erinyes (Deceased?) Social Technomancer/Porn Star
Wrecker Jones The "New" Transporter
Jace Sangorith Ex-Military Covert Ops Assassin

Sprawl Sites[edit]

With a bit of time and a little help from some of my old source materials I will be including a number of locations in and around the Seattle area, as well as a number of original locations. yeat again, players are encouraged to add in the fun.

Friends of Friends[edit]

This section is reserved for the wide array of NPC's the characters will meet, as well as their contacts and other major personalities of Shadowrun.

An Shou Tian Red Pole of the Wo Shing Wo Triad. Professional Chef and foodie. Owner of the Glass Tortoise, a Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese restaurant in Queen Anne.
"Aunty Kasau" Tosashi Oni immigrant who grew up on Yumi island. Stay at home mother of eight, barrens baby-sitter, and wife of Osaku Tosashi.
Andrew Elkhorn Salish Raven Shaman and avid comic book collector.
Blythe Waters Elf Ghoul and vocal political activist for the Ghoul Liberation League in Seattle. Licensed Surveyor and Civil Engineer in the UCAS.
Bolin King Yee of the local Sun Yee On Triad.
"Slider" Brandon Magnusen Information broker, organlegger, and seller of second hand cyberware. Rumored to have connections to Tamanous.
Buttons Ork Lonestar Veteran Beat Cop. He's been around the block a couple of times and has a good ear for what's happening in the 'hoods and the Ork Underground. Though he's got a good heart, he isn't above a little "Street Justice" and "Urban Renewal", and stays happy as long as his beat just stays quiet.
Charity v6.8 Self-proclaimed "High Priestess of the Airwaves". Charity claims to be an "Alternate Intelligence" AI. Public whistle blower, blogger, and pirate Trid broadcaster. Loud, abrasive, and angry with a penchant for Max Headroom antics, speech hacking, and the sign off "We'll meet again...when you're ready to travel the most secret path of all."
John Silverston An Aboriginal Kuradji; owner and proprietor of Numereji, a small talisman shop in First Hill.
KitKat Boom A changeling "catgirl" who lucked out on the cute side of SURGE. Also, an accomplished "seamstress", sticky fingered shopgirl, and an avid clubgoer.
"Krissy" Gajra Samanthi Kishen Bartender at The Rendezvous and lead singer/sitar player for the Indian Neo-PRock Trip Hop group "Plasma Burn Sarangi".
Oma Endofski Russian Troll neo-agriculturalist. The gun toting ex-ganger and vigilant defender of her squat/garden.
Osaku Tosashi Oni immigrant born on Yumi island. Auto mechanic at Ares Auto Supply and Repair in Burien.
Paku Ikibaku Fixer of multiple mixed backgrounds who normally resides in the International District and is fluent in a wide number of languages.