Chastity Glean

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Character Name: Chastity Glean

Hp: 3

Strength: 8

Dexterity: 15

Will: 14

Physical Description: Describe what you look like.

Quirks and Character Traits: Describe your manner, personality, tics.

  • A Plain Housemaid with Sapphic Drives.

Encumbrance: 4/8 (Max enc equals your current Str.)

Coinage: 6 p, 0 s, 0 g

Equipment: List all of the stuff you’re carrying and any special qualities that stuff might have.

  • Blackjack (d6)
  • Double-barrel derringer (d6 close)
  • Ether (Inhaled, STR Save or pass out for an hour)
  • Crowbar
  • Fiddle.

Oddities and Arcanum: List any weird items and what they do that you’ve found and carry here. These count against your encumbrance score.

  • Animation Oil - When rubbed onto an object, it springs to life for the next hour as your loyal servant. One dose.

Imprints: List any changes to your character that they’ve experienced through adventuring.