City of Necromancers: Renewing Compacts & Treaties

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Myrineth, Half-Sidhe Drow Shaman, Acolyte of the Abyss, Devil-Favored, HP 37/37 | Armor: 2
    • darkvision; bonuses to deception, spirit knowledge, Perceive, Stay Sharp, Recruit when assisted by spirits; summon devils and spirits; Cloud of Darkness and Fey Step
  • Tama aka Moonblood, Changeling Priestess/Invoker/Luminous Vessel of Sehanine, Silvern Traveller and Envoy of the Moonlight Seat, HP 38/38 | Armor: varies
    • normal vision; bonuses to Perceive, deception from disguise, transmutation/mind control, Hubris, can make illusions
    • Munisa, +1 Quality, Cunning, a priestess of Sehanine, traits: orderly, focused, obsessive, dignified, reputation as perceptive. Lawful alignment, motivated by loyalty.
  • Dreadhur Solace, Tiefling Blackguard, Animator-General of the Army Undying of Rahesh, Memory, Blood, and Fingers of Vecna, HP 56/56 | Armor: 6
    • low-light vision; bonuses to subterfuge, intimidation & followers (always on); moderate fire resistance; can manufacture undead troops; Infernal Wrath
    • Gate's Bane, intelligent great-axe, Rebellion-wise, Athletic, Sensitive to Magic, traits: hopeful, vengeful, stubborn, charismatic, veteran. Likes to slack off. Chaotic alignment.
    • Darnakk, executive officer
    • platoon of 40 zombie soldiers

Sample CoN Character Sheet


City of Undeath, Summoner's Mount, the Infernal Veil

  • Alignment: Lawful | Values: Discipline, Order | Vice: Arrogant
  • Profile: sizable, comfortable economy, strong military, resigned populace
  • Features: signature tradition: necromancy, summoning, and illusion; abundance of residuum; renowned faction: guilds
  • City Features: fortified x2, idiosyncratic religious practice: the living and dead live together in equality, death of an authority figure, distinct natural feature
  • City Problems: shortage of iron & wood, disease (two diseases), threat from Shadowfell
  • Districts:
    • administrative (guilds) [feature: menhir, problem: unrest]
    • administrative (military) [feature: idiosyncratic architecture + renowned priest, problem: disease]
    • wealthy [feature: idiosyncratic architecture, problem: disease]
    • market [landmark: academy, problem: factions in conflict]
    • poor [feature: renowned prophet, problem: disease]

Raheshi Factions[edit]

The Moonbow[edit]

Rahesh is a city of necromancy and summoning, but also of illusion. Illusory magic is one of the great defensive weapons of the city. Changeling citizens within Rahesh are known as The Moonbow, and they are all considered Sehanine's agents. Several dozen in number, they protect and defend the city from infiltration and harm, both within and without its walls.

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